We founded Selkirk Sport with the goal of advancing the sport of Pickleball in two important ways. The first was to apply cutting-edge technology, materials, and design to take the Pickleball paddle to new heights. Check. Second, we wanted to get Pickleball players thinking about Pickleball apparel the same way that golfers think about golf wear. To that end, we have created a line of high-performance clothing branded with the distinctive Selkirk logo.

We are also determined to outfit the Pickleball movement with the Pickleball gear every player needs to take to the court, including backpacks, balls, gloves, and more. Browse our site for your essential Pickleball supplies.

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Shirts: Players can choose from our range, including Red Label shirts in black and white camo, our Big Logo shirts (featuring the distinctive Selkirk “S”) in black, red, or white, and our Vanguard line of shirts. All of these shirts come in men’s and women’s styles, and all of them feature Wik technology.

Shorts: Pair one of our shirts with our bold, black Red Label shorts to complete your on-court look. You’ll look, feel, and play great.

Hats: From sun visors to beanies, Selkirk has hats for playing in all conditions. Boldly designed with the Selkirk logo in our distinctive color palette, including red, gray, and black.

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Depend upon Selkirk Sport to outfit everything you need to play the game, including:

Backpacks and Covers: Our full range of backpacks are ideal for carrying your paddles and all of your Pickleball gear and our paddle covers will keep your paddles looking like new and performing at their peak longer.

Balls: Selkirk sells a range of balls designed for indoor and outdoor use. Our Dura 40, Onix Fuse, and Jugs ball are all designed for maximum performance.

Gloves: The Selkirk Attaktix Premium Leather Palm Coolskin Upper Glove features Flex-fit compression technology and breathable perforated Coolskin fabric, enough to ensure that no pro player will take the court without a pair.

Selkirk Sport is determined to expand the sport of Pickleball to new levels of participation. That’s why we only sell Pickleball gear that we use ourselves.