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Best pickleball paddles for spin

By Stephen Bass

on Aug 03, 2023

Best pickleball paddles for spin

Each year the game of pickleball becomes more aggressive and fast-paced. There will never be a day where the soft game (dinking, drops, etc) is not a part of the game, but with this changing landscape, it can be important for players to impart spin on the ball to keep up with today’s aggressive play.

Spin is a great addition to your pickleball arsenal because it allows you to create unique angles and better control the trajectory of your shots.

But let’s be clear, you do not have to put insane amounts of spin on the ball to be a great player. As you progress in your pickleball journey, spin can be an added weapon to your arsenal. 

Jack Sock uses the Luxx Control Air.

What are the benefits of putting spin on the ball?

Spin gives your shots an extra component that makes them difficult for your opponent to handle. Here are just a few benefits of spin: 

  • It keeps your opponents guessing.
  • It allows you to hit the ball harder without it landing out.
  • It allows you to hit more consistent and harder-to-return baseline drives.
  • It makes your serves more aggressive.

All these added benefits can result in free points. If you want to learn more, check out these free lessons on how to effectively use spin:

Tips for using spin in pickleball:

  1. Don’t overdo it. The last thing you want to do is “chop” at the ball to generate spin. These exaggerated motions are not high-percentage shots, and more importantly, they aren’t necessary. 
  2. Let the paddle do the work. All pickleball paddles can impart spin on the ball and your natural stroke often puts plenty of rotation on the ball. You should use a modest high-to-low motion for backspin or a low-to-high motion for topspin. When it comes to spin, less is more.
  3. Use a paddle designed for spin. A paddle built to generate spin creates rotation on the ball and keeps your shots under control.

What type of paddle face generates the most spin?

When you are executing that low-to-high topspin or high-to-low backspin, a rough or grittier paddle face can help grab the ball to create rotation.

This roughness is created with a variety of materials, including carbon fiber, graphite, fiberglass, T700 (a form of carbon fiber), and even wood. 

How long does the grit last on a pickleball paddle?

The most overlooked factor when purchasing a paddle for spin is the length of time a spin surface will last. The amount of spin “out of the box” and the amount of spin as short as a week later can vary dramatically. 

It’s a little-known fact that many pro players are using a brand new paddle each tournament (if not twice a tournament). These players want the high-performance spin and consistency you get “out of the box” before wear and tear quickly lowers the performance level of the paddle.

The surface of the paddle will wear down (yes, even if it is not an overlay material). This will depend on how often you use the paddle, but we have found it can be a quick drop-off even for players playing only one or two times a week. You can expect a significant decline in spin performance from most pickleball paddles after just one to two months if you play moderately to frequently.

Because we believe you shouldn’t have to buy a paddle every month for top tier spin, we've developed the ProSpin+ technology that not only generates a large RPM on the ball but will keep that spin potential six months later!  These paddles give you:

  1. Maximum spin
  2. The longest-lasting spin surface on the market

We have implemented this prospin+ technology on two of our latest paddles: the Project 003 and the Vanguard Power Air.

You can check out the independent review of the Vanguard Power Air to learn how this spin compared to others on the market and if the spin potential stood up over time:

So What is the Best Spin Paddle in Pickleball?

It's different for each person and there's no definitive answer! But as mentioned at the top of this article, here are our top four suggestions for best pickleball paddles for spin:

  1. The Vanguard Power Air Invikta
  2. The SLK Omega Max
  3. The Selkirk Labs Project 003
  4. The Vanguard Power Air Epic
  5. The Vanguard Control

Selkirk Sport provides a range of paddles designed for different playing styles. Use our paddle comparison tool to find the best paddle for you, whether you're looking for power, control, or spin.

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