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Selkirk and Costco have recently partnered up to bring pickleball to even more people. Check out their exclusive SLK Prime Max Pickleball Bundle.

Selkirk is excited to partner with Just Paddles,a leading online retailer dedicated to pickleball paddles, provides a comprehensive selection of paddles and accessories catering to players of all levels. Their inventory includes an impressive array of Selkirk paddles and select accessories. Additionally, JustPaddles boasts a team of knowledgeable Paddle Experts who are readily available to assist customers with personalized recommendations and expert guidance. Shop now to find the Selkirk paddle that's best for you.

US Sports Camps is the world’s largest sports camp company with over 1,000 camps in 16 different sports serving more than 100,000 campers. For over 47 years, US Sports Camps has partnered with coaches across the country to produce leading youth sports camps. From traditional sports like basketball and football to activities like eSports and pickleball, US Sports Camps provides athletes with the support they need to develop their skills in a fun, challenging environment.

Pickleball Central is one of the largest distributors of pickleball products. We have teamed up with them to help bring Selkirk products to you, where ever you may be. One of our longest partnerships, Pickleball Central is devoted to bringing you quality products and fast shipping. Browse now to see what they offer.

Pickleball Depot is the ideal place to get Selkirk products in Canada. They have been our long time partner and distributor of Selkirk Sport. They carry a variety ofSelkirk productsand are a leading seller of pickleball gear.Shop now to find exactly what you are looking for.

Pickleball Superstore is the premier location for Selkirk Pickleball equipment in Australia. They have been our partner since pickleball began in Australia, and they have a large variety of Selkirk products available. They are the leading sellers of Pickleball equipment in Australia. Visit their website to shop now.

Selkirk is proud to partner with PLAYTIME SCHEDULER, a FREE scheduling tool created uniquely for pickleball. Over 150,000 players currently use the site to find competitive pickleball matches around the world. 

Using playtime scheduler you can:

  • Quickly see where the action is on the weekly calendar
  • Sign up for a session with just one click
  • Know who's going to show up before you head out the door
  • Arrange public play sessions by skill level
  • Create invite-only sessions for leagues or private groups
  • Get customized email notifications
  • Easily communicate with other players
  • Discover new court locations using the interactive map
  • Works great on all browsers and smartphones

Selkirk believes finding competitive pickleball matches should be as easy as possible, which is why we chose this partnership. Learn more and REGISTER NOW at PLAYTIMESCHEDULER.COM 

Selkirk is proud to announce its partnership with THE DINK Pickleball to bring you the best pickleball content around the world. The Dink has been a leader in promoting pickleball news, stories, and highlights for years now. And not to mention giving subscribers unprecedented access to their favorite pickleball icons through their PODCAST (co-hosted by Tyson Apostle). 

We partnered with the Dink with the "Paddle for Life" Giveaway again earlier this year, and will continue to provide Selkirk giveaways and exclusive access to the Dink subscribers and listeners. 

Selkirk and the Dink share the vision of bringing pickleball content to all through stories, news, videos, educational pieces, highlights, and more! 

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The Directors' Club is an exclusive community of Industry Leaders with the sole purpose to educate, communicate, and illustrate the continued path to success in the Racquets and Hospitality Industry. Through online networking events, workshops, guest speakers, classes, and video libraries, our members will share knowledge, solve problems, and reach higher levels of success together.

The Tennis Professionals Association (TPA), Pickleball Canada (PCO) and Tennis Canada, has announced a two-year partnership with Selkirk Sport, a world leading pickleball company focusing on paddle innovation and technology. As of January 1, 2023, Selkirk Sport is the Official Paddle of the Pickleball Coach Education Program. This partnership marks the first of its kind for the pickleball coach program. In addition to becoming the official paddle supplier, Selkirk Sport will also be providing members with access to online learning tools for pickleball instructors, as well as balls and demo paddles for all Level 1 and 2 Pickleball Instructor Courses.

Third Shot Sport and Selkirk Sport have partnered together to help bring pickleball to everyone. Third Shot Sport teaches pickleball clinics and offers podcasts to help players improve their game. They also offer Selkirk paddles and many digital and online tools to help you become a true pickleball master. See for yourself what they have to offer.

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