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In a world where innovation and craftsmanship intersect, the Selkirk Vanguard Series offers players the chance to redefine their pickleball experience - from dominating the court with raw power to achieving precision spin and consistency that leaves opponents in awe. Embark on your journey with Selkirk Vanguard Paddle Series and experience a new era of pickleball mastery.



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The Selkirk Amped Series stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection, where players don’t have to choose between power and control, but can revel in a synergistic blend of both.

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With a commitment to pickleball perfection, our Labs Projects invite you to embark on a journey of collaboration and innovation. The Selkirk Labs Project Paddles embody our unwavering dedication to quality, creativity, and revolutionary strides in Pickleball.



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The SLK Halo Series is your gateway to unlocking unparalleled potential in every game. From beginner to pro-level players, this series is tailored to elevate your performance.



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Prepare to seize every moment on the court and dominate every rally with the SLK Omega Series. Designed to empower your play, this series redefines what it means to command the pickleball court.



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Experience the Evo evolution firsthand with the SLK Evo Series. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, the Evo Paddle Series offers a gateway to an exciting journey of improvement and triumph.



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Tailored specifically for players new to the game, this series is your ultimate companion as you step onto the court and begin your journey in pickleball.

Power paddles are built to amplify your offensive game. They typically have a thinner core and a smaller sweet spot than control paddles.

Power paddles are best for players who want to generate more power on their shots and have an all around more aggressive play style.

Selkirk Vanguard Power Air
SLK Omega
SLK Evo Power


Control paddles are designed to take the pace off the ball, making it easier to execute softer shots like drops, dinks, and resets. They are typically lighter and have a larger sweet spot than power paddles.

Control paddles are best for players who want a stable and forgiving paddle that will help them feel more in control of the ball and improve the accuracy of their shots.

SLK Evo Control
SLK Latitude


Hybrid paddles are designed to offer the best of both worlds, offering a balanced mix of power and control. They are typically midweight, with a core thickness that falls between a power and control paddle.

Hybrid paddles are best for players who want a balance of power and control that will give them a good feel and forgiveness on a variety of shots.

SLK Halo
SLK Evo Hybrid
Selkirk Vanguard 2.0

Should I get a thick or thin pickleball paddle?

In general, thicker paddles offer more control and forgiveness on shots, while thinner paddles are designed for speed and power. When it comes to making a decision on whether you should get a thick or thin paddle, two factors to consider are your playing style and your skill level.

Your playing style: If you are an aggressive player who likes to hit hard shots, including lots of drives from the baseline and reflex volleys at the net, then you might want to consider a thinner paddle. If you are a more defensive player who likes to control the ball, be more consistent, and force errors from your opponents,then you might want to consider a thicker paddle.
Your skill level: If you are a beginner, you might want to start with a thicker paddle to enhance control and consistency as you get started. As you improve, you can move to a thinner paddle if you want more power.

What pickleball paddle weight should I get?
The weight of a pickleball paddle is a matter of personal preference, and there is no right or wrong answer. However, there are some general things to consider when making your decision.

Lightweight paddles (7.5-7.8oz) are easier to maneuver and swing, which can be helpful for players looking for more control and increased hand speed. They are also a good choice for players who are prone to arm injuries.
Midweight paddles (7.8-8.4oz) offer a nice balance of power, control, and maneuverability. They are a good choice for most players, including beginners and intermediate players.
Heavyweight paddles (above 8.4oz) offer more power, but they are less maneuverable. They are a good choice for players who are looking to hit hard shots, but they may not be the best choice for control or for players who are prone to arm injuries. *Note - most paddles are sold at lightweight and midweight ranges. Those who prefer a paddle that weighs 8.4oz or more often achieve this by adding lead tape or tungsten strips to their pickleball paddle.
Where is the sweet spot on a pickleball paddle?

The sweet spot on a pickleball paddle is the area on the paddle face where the ball will travel with the most power and accuracy when it is hit. The sweet spot is typically located in the center of the paddle face, but it can vary depending on the paddle's shape and construction. Some paddles have a larger sweet spot than others, which means that they are more forgiving if you hit the ball off-center.

When should I change my pickleball paddle?

Well designed Pickleball paddles will last the average recreational player up to 5 years, but if you are getting a lot of court time, there will likely be a time before then when you need to get a new paddle.

It’s damaged. The number one reason for getting a new paddle is if your current paddle is damaged. If it has cracks, chips, or other damage, it’s most likely no longer good to use.
It’s losing performance. If you notice that your paddle is not as responsive as it used to be, or if the ball is not traveling as far or as accurately, it might be time for a new paddle.
Your playing style has changed. If you have become a more aggressive player, or if you are looking for more power or control, you’re likely ready to try a different paddle.
Paddle technology advancements. The playability of pickleball paddles is improving quickly with each passing year. Trying new pickleball technology may help to improve your game!

How can you tell if your pickleball paddle is delaminated?

There are a few signs that can indicate that your pickleball paddle is delaminated:

Soft spots: If you press on the surface of the paddle and feel any soft spots, the layers of the paddle may be separating.
Bubbling or peeling: If you see any bubbling or peeling on the surface of the paddle, the paddle has likely been exposed to physical or chemical damage, and is now delaminated.
Changes in sound: If you notice a different sound coming from the paddle when you hit the ball compared to the sound it made when you originally purchased, it’s likely been delaminated.
Changes in performance: If you notice that your paddle is not performing as well as it used to, this could also be a sign of delamination.

Should I use lead tape on my pickleball paddle?

If you are looking for more power or control on your shots, and are okay with sacrificing some hand speed and paddle maneuverability, then lead tape can be a good option. Typically, adding weight towards the top of the paddle adds swing weight and power to your shots, and adding weight towards the handle will provide more stability and control. If you are concerned about the weight or flexibility of the paddle, then you may want to avoid using lead tape.

What is the best pickleball paddle for beginners?

The best pickleball paddle for players getting started on the court is the SLK Latitude 2.0. The paddle is designed to give you more control, more spin, and a large sweet spot at an unbeatable price.

How much does a pickleball paddle cost?

The price of a pickleball paddle can vary depending on the materials used and the features provided. In general, pickleball paddles range in price from around $50 to $200+.

● Paddles on the more affordable end are typically made with composite materials, such as fiberglass or nylon. They are lightweight and easy to swing, but they may not offer as much power or control as more expensive paddles.
● Mid-range priced paddles are typically made with graphite or carbon fiber materials. They’ll generally offer a good balance of power, control, and weight.
● High-end paddles are typically made with high-quality, high-performance materials, such as carbon fiber or titanium.

How do I care for my pickleball paddle?

The importance of maintaining your pickleball paddle cannot be overstated. As the primary equipment for playing this popular sport, caring for your paddle will help to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Check out our top tips for caring for your pickleball paddle and the steps you can take to elongate its lifespan: https://www.selkirk.com/pages/paddle-care-guide

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SLK Evo Power 2.0 - Blue
SLK Evo Power 2.0 - Blue
Introducing the Evo Power 2.0 from SLK by Selkirk, the ultimate paddle for tennis enthusiasts and newcomers seeking a powerful, spin-friendly, and consistent performance on the court. Empowering the Future of Pickleball Crafted with the mission of championing the next...
SLK Evo Control 2.0 - Blue
SLK Evo Control 2.0 - Blue
Discover the Evo Control 2.0, the ultimate paddle choice for beginner to advanced pickleball players seeking superior control, a massive sweet spot, and a luxurious playing experience. Master the Game with Unrivaled Control Experience the perfect balance of performance and...
SLK Evo Hybrid 2.0 - Purple
SLK Evo Hybrid 2.0 - Purple
Introducing the SLK By Selkirk Evo Hybrid 2.0, a versatile paddle meticulously designed for both power and control, making it an ideal choice for beginner and advanced pickleball players alike. A Perfect Fusion of Power and Control Experience unparalleled performance...
SLK Omega XL - Blue
SLK Omega XL - Blue
30-Day Moneyback Guarantee 1 Year Warranty USAP Approved Designed & Quality Controlled in the USA We recommend using Selkirk Protective Edge Tape for all of our edgeless paddles. Our popular SLK Omega now in the XL shape. The premium paddle...
SLK Omega Max - Yellow
SLK Omega Max - Yellow
We recommend using Selkirk Protective Edge Tape for all of our edgeless paddles. The premium paddle in our SLK by Selkirk series, the SLK Omega features a sleek, edgeless design and top-of-the-line SLK technology to increase power, spin, maneuverability, and...
Vanguard Power Air Epic - Legends
from $250.00
Vanguard Power Air Epic - Legends
The ultimate power & spin paddle   The Story A culmination of over two years of Research & Development, in partnership with top Pickleball pros, the VANGUARD Power Air addresses the need for both power and spin. As professional Pickleball...
from $250.00