Selkirk Pickleball Paddles

Industry-leading Technology

To develop the most consistent, comfortable, and powerful Pickleball paddles the industry has ever seen, we conduct years of research and development and dedicate hours upon hours to perfect our designs, our materials, and our engineering. The result is next-level Carbon Fiber technology, superior traction, and unmatched spin, for speed, velocity, power, and consistency like never before.

Superior Design

In collaboration with pro-Pickleball players, we’ve designed best-in-class Pickleball paddles that combine optimal performance technology with impressive, bold graphics. We’re so confident in the durability of our designs that we offer a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects.

All-encompassing Selection

With three Series, each available in specialty shapes, thicknesses, and grips to enable you to choose a Pickleball paddle that’s right for you, the Selkirk Collection of Pickleball paddles has something for every player — from beginner to pro.


Featuring proprietary carbon-fiber technology and a honeycomb core, VANGUARD by Selkirk delivers the unwavering speed and consistency you need to take your Pickleball game to another level.


The original, innovative design that pioneered an entirely new technology never before seen in the Pickleball industry, AMPED by Selkirk amplifies both your power and your control.

Shop the collection and choose a Pickleball paddle that enhances your game.