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Interested in becoming a Selkirk Pickleball Pro?

Our Pro Team is made up of athletes who are active in pickleball and embody everything that Selkirk stands for. Members are normally rated 5.0 UTPR or above and frequently compete in pro tournament play.

Fill out our application to become a Selkirk Emerging Pro.

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All Selkirk Pro Players

Anne Britt

Aaron Coyle

Alexandru Moldovan

Andrew Gensch

Arne Peterson

Austin Tchikatilov

Bret Bucher

Brian Thieme

Cami Blake

Cheryl Chao

Devin Shoquist

Doug Hastings

Dough Koch

Emily Williams

Enrique Ruiz

Jan Yu

Jay Rippel

Jeremy Brine

Karen Gysin

Kathy Pederson

Ken Crocker

Ken Curry

Luis Bayol

Lynn Syler

Marc Sommer

Marius Mitrofan

Miok Lee

Moira Roush

Natali Pouchet

Nicholas Wise

Nicklaus Williams

Patrick Williams

Robert Penney

Ronnie Johnson

Shane Denning

Shayne Johnson

Thomas DiCaprio

Tonja Major

Tony Tollenaar

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