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What is Pickleball?

Pickleball, at its core, is a fun and exciting indoor/outdoor sport that combines elements of Tennis, Badminton, and Ping Pong. The game is played on a court the size of a Badminton court, with a low net similar to Tennis, and with what looks like an oversized ping pong paddle and a wiffle ball. Pickleball is currently the nation's fastest growing sport with over 4.8 million players in 2021 (up 14.8% over 2020) and an estimated 66 new locations to play pickleball EVERY MONTH.

Whether you are a beginner or professional, Selkirk is singularly focused in growing and supporting pickleball and its players! Here are a few resources for getting started playing pickleball!

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Created to bring the best of Pickleball to your smartphone, tablet, and big screen TV, Selkirk Sport launches another first in the industry—Pickleball’s original and only Free TV App.

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