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Welcome to the SelkirkTV course library. Featuring rules, playing tips, and pickleball lessons from Selkirk pros. Courses built to help you improve your pickleball game — for every level of pickleball player, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert. Proudly brought to you by Selkirk Sport. We Are Pickleball.

10 Rules for Pickleball Beginners

with Maddie Toren

Discover pickleball's essentials with Maddie Toren, covering the top ten basics in an accessible way to boost beginners' confidence and understanding of the game.

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Advanced Pickleball Tips

with Porter Barr

This course is ideal for those familiar with pickleball basics and eager to master aggressive, advanced techniques to elevate their game to a higher level.

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Single Tips

with Catherine Parenteau

Boost your pickleball singles with Catherine Parenteau's guide: refine backhands, master groundstrokes, perfect serves and returns, and dominate strategically with pro insights.

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Crush Your Friends in Pickleball

with Kaitlyn Kerr

Kaitlyn Kerr's 'Pickleball Chick' series guides you from basics to expert play, focusing on game improvement, serving, dinking, and more to dominate the court.

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Deliberate Drilling

with Susannah Barr

Susannah's lesson series offers ultimate competitive and fun pickleball drills, combining her professional playing and teaching experience for tips that genuinely enhance your game.

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High Level Pickleball

with Dominic Catalano

Improve with Dominic Catalano's advanced pickleball series, covering court positioning, error forcing, volley dinks, spin techniques, and more for all play aspects, offering tips and drills for transformative skills.

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Intro to Pickleball

with Mark Renneson

Learn to play pickleball with world-renowned pickleball player and coach Mark Renneson.

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Pickleball Fundamentals

with Linda Thompson

Enhance your pickleball skills with Linda Thompson's series on essentials like grip, court navigation, serving, and striking, plus tactics for injury prevention and consistent play.

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Pickleball Health and Injury Prevention

with Dustin Davis

Dustin Davis' course offers a complete pickleball experience, blending athletic training with game strategy to prevent injuries, strengthen muscles, and enhance techniques for players at all levels.

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Pickleball Strategy

with Mark Renneson

Take your pickleball game to the next level. Learn never before revealed strategies, discover what pro players do differently, and elevate your technical skills to win more games

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Pickleball Strength Training

with Connor Derrickson

Boost your pickleball prowess with Connor Derrickson's guidance through exercises and drills for better mobility, strength, and conditioning, ensuring skill improvement and injury prevention for a smarter, safer game.

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Pickleball Tips and Tactics

with DJ Howard

DJ Howard's coaching blends skill drills and mental strategies to elevate your pickleball game, focusing on match mindset and tactics.

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Teaching Pickleball To Tennis Players

with Mark Renneson

Mark's course is the ultimate pickleball guide for tennis players of all levels, offering a fun, straightforward, and effective approach for those transitioning from tennis or teaching tennis players.

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Tennis to Pickleball

with Jarrett Chirico

Successfully transition from tennis to pickleball.

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The Champions Series

with JoAnne Russell

Improve your pickleball skills with The Champions Series, led by Wimbledon doubles champion JoAnne Russell, designed for beginners and intermediates seeking fun, effective guidance.

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Winning With Wes

with Wes Gabrielsen

Wes Gabrielsen's series offers essential pickleball improvement strategies, covering serving, dinking, volleys, and more, through tips and tricks.

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