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Comfort Grip (Most Comfortable)

  • 4.25" circumference
  • Standard grip
  • Preferred by most people

The Comfort Grip is preferred by most people for its feel and comfort. It is well cushioned and absorbs perspiration well. This is the standard grip for our AMPED series.

Comfort Grip

Thin Grip

  • 4" circumference
  • Preferred by those with small hands
  • Slightly less cushion than Comfort Grip
  • Reduces average weight range by 0.2oz

The Thin Grip is essentially an overgrip wrapped closer together to give it more cushion and comfort than a traditional overgrip. However, it has less cushion than our standard Comfort Grip. If you request a Thin Grip on your paddle, it will decrease the weight of the paddle by two-tenths of an ounce compared to a Comfort Grip.

Thin grip

Contour Grip

  • 4.25" circumference
  • Has ridges to feel where it is in your hand
  • Recommended for beginners

The Contoured Grip has the same circumference as the Comfort Grip. This grip is unique because it has ridges so you can feel where the grip is in your hand. This is useful for beginners whose paddle positioning is not intuitive yet. The Contour Grip is the standard grip for our PRIME series.

Contour Grip

Double Grip

  • 4.5" circumference
  • Preferred by those with very large hands
  • Increases average weight range by 0.4oz

The Double Grip is essentially a Comfort Grip wrapped over another Comfort Grip to increase the circumference of the grip. If you request a double grip on your paddle, it will increase the weight of the paddle four-tenths of an ounce on average (0.5oz on the Maxima, Epic, and Invikta; 0.4oz on the S2; and 0.3oz on the Omni). However, since the weight is added to the handle, it doesn’t feel that much heavier.

Double Grip

Grip and Tennis Elbow

We always recommend you consult with a licensed physician when endeavoring to find the cause of your tennis elbow. We have seen a wide range of reasons why people have experienced tennis elbow. It could be caused by improper form, too large of a grip, too small of a grip, too light of a paddle, too heavy of a paddle, or too much vibration in his or her paddle. Due to the diverse array of tennis elbow sources, you may want to try changing things up to see if it helps (e.g. get a heavier or lighter paddle, smaller grip or larger grip).

Index Finger Test Myth

It is often said that you should be able to fit your index finger between your fingers and palm when gripping the paddle. This rule of thumb is helpful in tennis where the heavier racquets require a larger grip. However, in Pickleball this rule of thumb is a myth and tends to cause people get a larger grip than what’s most comfortable to them. If your background is in tennis, having a slightly larger grip might be most comfortable to you. But for players coming from most other racquet/paddle sports (or without a sports background), NOT following this rule of thumb is a good idea.

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