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Jack Sock
DUPR: 6.86 | 6.77
Height - 6'3
Age - 31
Charlotte, NC

Welcome to the Selkirk Family, Jack Sock.

From the elite tennis courts to the dynamic realm of pickleball, Jack Sock brings with him a legacy of unmatched skill, tenacity, and passion for the game. We're thrilled to announce that this tennis star has now joined the Selkirk Sport team and will be the face of our upcoming Luxx paddle series!

Jack Sock, with his impressive record of singles and doubles titles in the world of tennis, has decided to venture into the world of professional pickleball. After his remarkable tennis journey and recent retirement, Sock quickly made his mark on the pickleball circuit. Within months of his debut, he has already claimed titles and climbed the ranks, showcasing the same prowess that made him a force in tennis.

The Selkirk Advantage

For Jack, shifting from tennis to pickleball was more than just a change of sport - it was about finding the right tools to maintain his competitive edge. The Selkirk brand and its Luxx Control Air paddle (coming soon) which offers control, accelerated spin, and ample power, was the perfect match for his dynamic playing style.

Jack Sock holding up the Luxx Control Air pickleball paddle.

Join the Movement

All pickleball players and fanatics alike will soon be invited to discover the complete specifications of our Luxx Control Air series and explore the technology behind Selkirk's unparalleled innovation. Subscribe to Selkirk TV to stay up-to-date on Jack's next steps in the professional pickleball arena. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, with Selkirk and Jack Sock on your side, you're always in for a winning game!

Jack Sock holding up the Luxx Control Air pickleball paddle.

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