Susannah Barr


Susannah Barr joined Selkirk in 2019 and has over 5 years experience playing professional pickleball. Susannah hails from the state of Washington where she is a pickleball instructor, and also teaches english as a second language! Many people do not know that Susannah served in the United States Army as linguist, and she is fluent in Arabic.

Susannah's signature style and consistent play make her one of the most accomplished players on the tour. Susannah also enjoys partnering with her teenage son, Porter Barr, in pro tournaments. Susannah has played on both the PPA & APP pro tours, and was drafted for the 2023 Major League Pickleball season by the Chicago Slice.

Susannah Barr Highlights

Get to Know Susannah:

Tell us about the first time you heard the term "Pickleball." How long was it before you decided to give Pickleball a try? Were you addicted from the start? I first heard about pickleball when I saw some courts in Washington State. I was interested from the beginning, but it was probably another couple of years before I went to try it. I loved it from the beginning! But I didn't start playing competitively for about a year.

Is Pickleball a family affair? Yes! Both me and my teenage son, Porter, play.

Best/favorite meal after a few games? I'm never going to say no to sushi.

What was your favorite sport as a kid? Why? Volleyball! Very much for the same reasons. There are a lot of strategies, and competition, and you are on a team with friends.

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