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Greg Dow shares his journey to “The Pickleball House” — The James Ignatowich Show on Selkirk TV

By James Ignatowich

on Sep 28, 2023

Greg Dow and James Ignatowich discuss pickleball and the pickleball house
In the latest episode of The James Ignatowich Show, James welcomes friend and professional pickleballer Greg Dow back to the show. (See his first appearance here.)

The two discuss the antics of a home referred to as “The Pickleball House,” what tours need to do to attract more viewers, and Greg’s new podcast. 

A trip to Florida: 

Greg recently visited Florida because as he says, “Something’s in the water down there.” While there, he matched up against some of the sport’s greats, including James, Catherine Parenteau, Anna Leigh Waters, and JW Johnson. 

The Pickleball House: 

Several friends that James made while playing tennis — including Jericho Grollman and Davis Carvalho — have made the switch to pickleball, and they all live together in a home referred to as “The Pickleball House.” In the living room is a twin mattress and a temporary pickleball net. 

Greg and James discuss the talent of the home’s inhabitants and share some stories about the time they’ve spent there.

Who does the Pickleball House look up to?:

James throws out some names that the members of the Pickleball House could look up to: Ben Johns, Tyson McGuffin, and Riley Newman. Instead, he shares who the house truly looks up to and watches daily.

Greg, the full-time pickleball player: 

Greg discusses the recent signings in the pickleball world and how more players can now afford to play full-time. He shares what his career looks like now that there’s more financial stability.

What do the tours need to do for more viewership?: 

Greg says there are about 9 million people who play pickleball monthly, but the viewership of pro matches doesn’t match. He and James discuss what changes need to be made to increase viewership, including a consistent play and scoring format, more rivalries, and more social media personalities.

The Dow Pickleball Podcast:  

Greg shamelessly plugs his own pickleball podcast, which is coming in the near future, though Greg didn’t have a podcast name or release date to share just yet. 

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