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Should you become a right-side or left-side specialist: The great debate — The James Ignatowich Show on Selkirk TV

By James Ignatowich

on Jul 27, 2023

Davis Carvalho and James Ignatowich discuss pickleball right side specialists

In the latest episode of The James Ignatowich Show, Episode 27, James welcomes his friend Davis Carvalho back to the show. (See his first appearance here!

In this episode, the two discuss partnership shakeups, their love of Collin Johns, and the future of left-side specialists.  

2023 Beer City Open recap: 

James and Davis kick off the episode with a recap of the 2023 Beer City Open. James played men’s doubles with Altaf Merchant and mixed doubles with his sister Ava. 

He made it to the quarter-finals with both partners, marking the first time his sister made it to the quarter-finals round in a professional tournament. Davis weighs in on Altaf’s “unbridled passion” at the tournament and James shares a story about how a foot fault cost an opponent their match. 

2023 PPA Seattle Open preview: 

James and Davis look forward to the PPA Seattle Open and discuss which events and partnerships they’re excited to see. James says he can’t wait to see fellow Selkirk athlete Quang Duong take on Ryan Sherry. Davis looks toward Riley Newman’s new partnerships with Julian Arnold and AJ Koller and the two debate which pairing will perform better. 


James and Dave love watching Collin Johns: 

The duo shares their love for Collin Johns, discussing how he “transcended human opponents” and is now going to war with the net cord. Davis says anyone who willingly gets into a cross-court dink battle with Collin is psychotic and the pair break down what makes Collin so special as a right side player. 

Are left side specialists becoming more relevant?: 

As the two praise Collin, James questions whether the future generation of pickleball will become more left-side or right-side specialists. As more males tend to be left side specialists, Davis predicts those who favor the right side will have their pick of the litter when it comes to partnerships. 

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