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Jericho Grollman’s Pickleball Journey — The James Ignatowich Show on Selkirk TV

By James Ignatowich

on Sep 25, 2023

James Ignatowich and Jericho Grollman discuss right side pickleball players

In Episode 34 of The James Ignatowich Show, James welcomes rising pickleballer Jericho Grollman to the show. The two discuss Jericho’s pickleball background, his play style, and a funny partnership request. 

Jericho’s pickleball background: 

Jericho is currently a tennis player at Temple University, and he recently placed fourth in men’s doubles at APP New Jersey. James and Jericho have known each other since they were teenagers playing tennis together.  

Jericho’s playing style: 

Jericho describes his playing style as a “mix of Greg Dow and Matt Wright if they didn’t have partners that are maybe better than them.” Jericho discusses what it’s like being an aggressive right-side player in a game that is largely dominated by aggressive left-side players. 

Mediocre player signings: 

James and Jericho discuss the signings during the MLP and PPA Tour Wars and whether Jericho deserved to be signed before other signings. 

Playing the right side in mixed doubles: 

Typically, men play the left side of the court in mixed doubles, but Jericho shares the advantages he gets from playing the right side. He breaks down how the game might change in the future if more men choose to play aggressively on the right side of the court. 

Favorite players to watch: 

Jericho shares which pros are his favorite to watch and learn from, including Matt Wright, Greg Dow, and James. James questions why Jericho split steps so frequently and how it affects his game. 

Sending Zane Navratil a partner request: 

James pulls out a hilarious partnership request Jericho sent to pro pickleball Zane Navratil and questions what Jericho’s endgame was. 

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