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PPA Atlanta recap, MLP Challenger League Insight, and a budding bromance — The James Ignatowich Show on Selkirk TV

By James Ignatowich

on May 26, 2023

In the newest episode of the James Ignatowich Show, Episode #18, James is joined by professional pickleball player Greg Dow. Don’t miss the hilarious interactions between James and Greg as the duo discusses an interesting off-court battle for a bronze medal, the upcoming MLP San Clemente tournament, and whether Anna Bright is “worthy” of James.  

PPA Atlanta recap:

James and Greg dive right in, discussing the results of the PPA Atlanta Open. James talks through his fifth-place finish in mixed doubles with Anna Bright and how the heat affected his games in men’s doubles with fellow Selkirk pro Tyson McGuffin. Greg shares his tournament mentality and how he uses each event to learn from other pros. 

Jake Kusmider vs. Christian Alshon — To concede or not to concede: 

James asks Greg about a rumor he heard following the PPA Atlanta Open. Before the men’s singles bronze medal match, James says he heard that Christian Alshon asked Jake Kusmider to concede. Greg, who is friends with Jake, shares the details. 

The two also discuss Jake’s unfortunate “outpouring of emotion” after he chugged an IPA post-match. 

James Ignatowich’s hat size discrepancy:

In the middle of their chat, Greg whips out an official James Ignatowich hat, claiming that it’s too small for any adult person’s head. The exchange prompts James to question, “Is the hat too small, or is Greg’s K-pop haircut getting in the way?” 

Challenger league experience:

Greg is ready to travel to San Clemente for the upcoming PPA and MLP events. Greg is a member of the MLP Challenger team Brooklyn Aces, along with fellow Selkirk pro Rob Nunnery, Hurricane Tyra Black, and Martina Frantova. 

Greg and James discuss possible partnerships, the ins and outs of the Challenger League, and Greg’s singles play style. 

James and Greg’s first interaction:

In this segment, Greg jokes about the two times he’s been awestruck by the sight of another person — when he first saw his eighth-grade crush and when he met James Ignatowich. The two talk about their first interaction and how their friendship has grown over the past year. 

Is Anna Bright worthy? 

After hearing Greg share his love for her on- and off-court partner, Anna Bright makes an appearance to ask whether she’s worthy of James. 

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