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Pickleball net requirements — Tips for beginners from pickleball official Maddie Toren on Selkirk TV

By Maddie Toren

on Aug 18, 2023

Maddie Toren explains the pickleball net regulations

In the final episode of “10 Pickleball Rules for Beginners,” professional pickleball official Maddie Toren explains the pickleball net requirements.  

It’s not uncommon to head to a rec court only to discover you’re playing with a less-than-ideal net. Although a sagging net may function for recreational purposes, there are specific net requirements for official tournament games. 

Keeping a consistent net across tournaments ensures all players are on an equal playing field. Once you know the specific net requirements, be sure to train for tournaments using a regulated net.

What are the pickleball net requirements?

Net height

The first important pickleball net regulation is height. The center of the net must be 34 inches high and the sidelines of the net should be 36 inches high. 

Net posts

The net posts, which hold up the net from the sidelines, must have a maximum diameter of 3 inches. The net posts should be 22 feet apart from the inside of one post to the inside of the other post. 

Net length

Finally, the net length should be at least 21 feet-9 inches, extending from one net post to the other.

If the net drapes onto the court during tournament play, the referee may deem a ball affected by the draping net. If the referee does so, it shall result in a replay of the point. 

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