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How do you call a pickleball in or out? — Tips for beginners from pickleball official Maddie Toren on Selkirk TV

By Brynn Grissom

on Jul 28, 2023

Professional pickleball official Maddie Toren explains how to call a ball in or out

In the latest installment of “10 Pickleball Rules for Beginners,” professional pickleball official Maddie Toren explains how to call the ball in or out in pickleball. 

Everyone who has played pickleball has likely had a close line call during one game or another. If playing with friends, many opt to redo to the point to keep the peace. 

However, there are official rules that govern what is an in or out ball. Generally speaking, any ball that lands in the pickleball court or touches any court line is considered in. 

The exception to that rule is on a serve. A serve must clear the non-volley zone (also known as the kitchen) and the non-volley zone line. The serve may hit the center, outside, and baselines. 

How to call a pickleball out

In close plays, it may be difficult to tell if the ball hit the line or the outside of the court. However, the opponent gets the benefit of the doubt on any line calls made. Any ball that cannot definitively be called out will be considered in. 

In doubles play, if one player calls a ball out and their partner calls it in, that means doubt exists. Therefore, the team’s cumulative call will be in. 

Additionally, a player can not claim a replay of a point because the ball was not seen or there was uncertainty about where it landed. 

When playing in tournaments, a player who does not make a line call may appeal to the referee if they did not see the ball land. If the referee is unable to make the line call, the ball is considered in. 

The moment a receiving player or team appeals to a referee, they lose the right to make a subsequent in or out call for that rally. Whatever the referee says stands, even if they are unable to make the line call. 

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