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Breaking down approved pickleball paddles, balls, and apparel — Tips for beginners from pickleball official Maddie Toren on Selkirk TV

By Maddie Toren

on Jul 21, 2023

Maddie Toren explains tournament approved pickleball equipment

In the latest installment of “10 Pickleball Rules for Beginners,” professional pickleball official Maddie Toren breaks down legal pickleball equipment and apparel. 

Although there are many types of pickleball paddles and balls on the market,  regulations restrict what can legally be used in tournament play. 

The USA Pickleball Association governs what equipment can be used during tournaments so that the sport remains fair. These rules do not apply to casual players, but most prefer using USAPA-approved equipment because it helps get the most out of your game. 

Tournament-approved pickleball paddles

When playing in tournaments, not all paddles are approved for play. Tournament-approved paddles must have a core made of approved materials, must not have a surface with too much texture, and must be of a certain size and weight. 

All Selkirk Sport paddles are USAPA approved. From paddles for beginners to intermediate to advanced players, a paddle is available for everyone. You can check whether your paddle is USAPA-approved here. 

Tournament-approved pickleball balls

Customarily, balls with larger holes will be used for indoor play, while balls with smaller holes are used for outdoor play. 

In either case, to be tournament approved, the design of the ball shall have a minimum of 26 to a maximum of 40 circular holes with the spacing of the holes and overall design of the ball conforming to flight characteristics. 

This means tournament balls may not be altered to have more spin or irregular motion. 

Pickleball tournament rules for apparel

A 2023 rule change states that inappropriate apparel may now include clothing that approximates the color of the tournament ball. 

This means any clothes that are bright yellow may not be allowed, so it’s best to choose a different color when selecting your and your partner's outfits

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