Tyson McGuffin


Tyson McGuffin is a TeamSelkirk Advisory Staff Member and and is currently the top ranked men's singles player on the PPA Pro Tour. Tyson competes on the PPA Tour and recently submitted his name for the 2023 Major League Pickleball Draft.

Tyson has developed his own signature paddle and apparel with Selkirk and currently uses the Vanguard Power Air Invikta for both singles and double.  

Tyson is a gifted pickleball instuctor who has been teaching pickleball's throughout his professional career. Selkirk TV has made tyson's teaching accesible with over 100 lesson and higlight vidoes of tyson for you to improve your game!

Selkirk is proud of the hard work Tyson has put into his game and look forward to his continued success on and off the court!


Tyson McGuffin Highlights

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