Prize Pool

Selkirk Nationals Incentive Prize Pool

  • $100,000 ~ Total Selkirk prize pool amount
  • $25,000 ~ The most an individual can win in Selkirk's prize pool
  • Available at the 2018 Nationals being held at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden

As part of Selkirk’s non-traditional approach to marketing, the Player Incentive Pool program was created to incentivize athletes to compete with our innovative line-up of performance paddles. With $100,000 in Selkirk prize money on the line, an athlete can take home an unprecedented $25,000 with the Triple CrownBonus by sweeping all Open Divisions (Open Men’s/Open Women’s Singles; Open Men’s/Open Women’s Doubles and the Mixed Open Division), armed with a Selkirk paddle.  Players must qualify to be in the Selkirk Incentive Pool program to be eligible for prize money.  


How to Qualify

  1. Be in a Selkirk Sport sponsorship agreement
  2. Use a Selkirk Sport branded paddle during the entire event
  3. Wear Selkirk approved apparel during the event's medal matches


The below prize pool only applies to the 2019 Margaritaville National Championships.

What is a triple crown? Triple crown is winning Men's/Women's Doubles Open, Men's/Women's Singles Open, and Mixed Doubles Open at the 2018 Nationals.