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USAPA Ambassadors Program

Selkirk Sport wants to show its support with our USA Pickleball Ambassadors Program. Any USAP Ambassador may purchase one of each of our Amped paddle models at 50% off MSRP and 1 Vanguard 2.0 paddle at 30% off MSRP. This program offers ambassadors an affordable way to acquire premium Pickleball paddles that may be used by new (and experienced) players in their area to see what it's like to play with a paddle that is not wood. To participate in our USAPA Ambassadors program, email us at

The Selkirk USAPA Ambassador discount is for Selkirk paddles only. As a USAP Ambassador, we encourage you to apply for our Selkirk Advocate program! Our Selkirk Advocates are an enthusiastic team of individuals who are active in their community and are generally certified Pickleball teachers. They embody Selkirk’s high moral values, love our brand, and are passionate about sharing Pickleball in a warm and welcoming way. Our Selkirk Advocates dedicate their time and energy to promoting Pickleball in their local area and beyond, so people of all ages can enjoy Pickleball!

To become a Selkirk Advocate with discounts on paddles and gear, you can apply from our website:

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