Mary Brascia


Mary Brascia grew up playing a number of athletics including swimming, golf, softball, soccer, and tennis. But she’s been quietly grinding away, playing pickleball since mid 2020 after being introduced to the sport by her parents. But balancing a successful collegiate tennis career at Biola University, she was not able to commit to Pro Pickleball until graduating in May, 2022.

Mary immediately made her mark in her first 4 pro tournaments of 2022 with 2 singles gold medals, 1 singles bronze medal, and a 1 silver medal in women’s doubles with her younger sister, Maggie. She was drafted and played in all 3 Major League Pickleball events of 2022.

Mary is sponsored by AvaLee, Pickleball's first and only perfmance line designed for women, by women!

Mary Brascia Highlights

Get to Know Mary:

Tell us about when you started playing Pickleball: I started in 2020 because of the Covid lockdown it was one of the only things to do. My parents had been playing for maybe a year and introduced the sport to me and my sister, Maggie.

You played Tennis at Biola University, how was that experience? It was awesome! We had the two best seasons in program history while I was there and the tennis program really grew during that time.

Was it difficult to switch from Tennis to Pickleball? I think I was introduced “correctly” to pickleball thankfully. I took lessons with Dan Roditi and he showed us early on how to play pickleball and the strategy behind it. We learned how to dink and drop right away. So it wasn’t as difficult of a transition.

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