The Best Pickleball Paddle Sets For Beginners

Pickleball Paddle Sets give you everything you need to get started in pickleball. SLK paddle sets are affordable, durable, and made from high quality materials that last! Check out our bundles to find the right pickleball set for you!

SLK Latitude Bundle


Costco Pickleball Paddle Set (Purchase Online Or In Person)

Bundle Includes- 2 Latitude Paddles, 3 Balls, and 1 Bag. The Graphite Pickleball Paddle Gives you a Big Hitting Surface without Sacrificing Speed, A Longer Handle Length For Comfort and Superior Reach, and a Large Sweet Spot for Quick Response at the Net. Available online or at over 550 Costco Locations!

SLK Neo Bundle


Most Affordable Beginner Pickleball Set

The SLK Neo Bundle features paddles with a graphite face that has been trusted by the pros. Using Selkirk's patented FiberFlex Fiberglass technology to help elevate performance for both indoor and outdoor pickleball.

SLK Atlas Bundle


SLK Atlas Pickleball Paddle Set

The SLK Atlas Two Paddle Bundle arrives with all the basics for you and a partner to hit the courts with confidence. This graphite paddle bundle features two quality SLK Atlas Paddles, plus three outdoor pickleballs, and a blue "Pickleball Fanatic" Sling-style bag to keep it all together. The Atlas paddles have an 8.25"-wide face, enabling you to block with ease as well as make use of the large sweet spot.


What should you look for in a beginner Pickleball Set?

The three things you should look for in a beginner pickleball paddle set are:

  1. Affordability
  2. Durability
  3. Honeycomb Core (not wood)

What Type of pickleball paddle set is best for beginners?

For beginner pickleball players, you will be more comfortable and strike the ball more consistently with a honeycomb core paddle as opposed to wood. Wooden Paddles almost always have small sweet spot and a smaller total surface area making it difficult to strike the ball consisently. Honeycomb Core Paddles "absorb" the ball and give you more control. You will also want a "traditional" paddle face (as opposed to elongated) which gives you the largest sweet spot which is ideal for beginners.

what should I pay for a beginner pickleball paddle set?

It is understandable if you are just starting out in pickleball that you do not necessarily want to spend a large amount of money on pickleball paddles. But there is also a danger of going "too cheap". One thing you probably want to avoid is buying wooden paddles. You are better off spending 10-20 extra bucks to purchase a paddle that will last you years than a wooden paddle that breaks in a couple of weeks.

Paddle sets allow you to save on the price per paddle and supply you with everything you need to head to the courts! All Pickleball Sets on this list range from $79.99 to $165.99 and feature 2 paddles, 3 pickleballs, and a bag. You can also choose to purchase a set in person at your local Costco!

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