2020 AMPED Epic

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With bold graphics and crisp new colors, the new 2020 AMPED has taken the AMPED paddle that you know and love and has brought it to its new style and design.
2020 AMPED Epic (2246929645622)
2020 AMPED Epic (2246929645622)
2020 AMPED Epic (2246929645622)
2020 AMPED Epic (2246929645622)
2020 AMPED Epic (2246929645622)
2020 AMPED Epic (2246929645622)
2020 AMPED Epic (2246929645622)
2020 AMPED Epic (2246929645622)
2020 AMPED Epic (2246929645622)
2020 AMPED Epic (2246929645622)
2020 AMPED Epic (2246929645622)
2020 AMPED Epic (2246929645622)
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Gabriel F.
A True Weapon

I'm going to be dead honest. When Selkirk said that they found a way to make a paddle that had both power and control, I thought it was just a marketing pitch. I've never been more happy to be wrong. I got the Lightweight Amped Epic (came at 7.3oz), and it truly lives up to the hype. The first thing I noticed is how much control it had, allowing me to place shots like I had done it for years. Then, when it was game-time, the forgiveness of this paddle really came out. "Forgiveness" was another one of those things I didn't really believe was all that possible, but I was once again wrong. Off-center shots were as safe and unattackable as they could've been. This paddle really does have the control for the short-game, and the power for the put-aways. However, with that said, this paddle is like a beast that you have to tame. You don't want the wrong side of it coming out at the wrong time, but with time and practice, that animal will be your best friend. Pinpoint control, unbelievable forgiveness, great feel, and deadly power. The only thing that isn't absolutely stunning about this paddle is its spin-capability, but its thickness does allow you to always have the "stickiness" to get the spin you want. There's surely a reason why former tennis players, former racquetball players, former table tennis players (like myself), and even pickleball-only players love this paddle.

Susan G.
Love My Amped Epic

I bought the Amped Epic Lightweight after playing pickleball for about four months. After the second game with my new paddle I was in love. I had better control of my shots to the point of being shocked and thrilled. Within a month I purchased a second paddle to have “just in case.” I am a senior female who played tennis in my youth. The Amped Epic is perfect for me.

Michael H.
The perfect paddle

I have tried many paddles over the years almost every major brand. I settled in on Selkirks paddles about 1.5 years ago and once i tried the Amped series I had found my paddle. The Epic gives me great control and power. I like the lightweight for doubles and the heavyweight for singles play. Great touch and feel and very reliable backed by the best company for service! A powerful combination that make you a very satisfied customer.

The pinnacle paddle

I bought this paddle in green about 1.5 years ago. I liked it initially, but eventually found myself playing with a Topp paddle for several months. I eventually came back to the Epic Amped Midweight and fell in love with it again. I've since bought the limited edition black one and more recently a customized 8.3oz TOC version. So, now I have 3 Epic Amped paddles and enjoy them all. I'll be purchasing a 4th soon, since I really enjoy variety.

Love it

One fine paddle! Has everything I need. Power, control, long handle. I play with the midweight. Selkirk rules the court! Will be buying a new one soon. -Dennis Freeman.

Keeping with the traditional paddle shape, the Epic AMPED™ combines a long handle with a large surface area. This paddle has the perfect blend of power and control—it has great balance with its longer handle that makes for great two-handed swings and a perfectly proportioned hitting area with the increased sweet spot from our Polypropylene X5 Core™ and FiberFlex™ Fiberglass hitting surface. This is our most versatile, all-around paddle for the hard-core Pickleball player.

Please note that Limited Release and Limited Edition colors may take up to an additional 5 days to process and ship.

What's New

Brighter, Bolder Graphics

With an updated printing process, our graphics are brighter and more dynamic than ever before. You will notice the difference!

Improved Performance Stability

We revamped our edgeguard adhesion process to make the 2020 AMPED even more durable which further improves performance and stability.

Details + Specs

Skill Level: Beginner to Pro

Average Lightweight: 7.3oz - 7.7oz

Average Midweight: 7.8oz - 8.4oz

Height: 15.75"

Width: 8.0"

Grip Length: 5.25"

Grip Circumference: 4.25"

Sweetspot size: 9

Price: $150

Surface Area: Largest

Handle Length: Long Handle (5.25")



Low-profile, lightweight and durable edge guard technology for a well-balanced, solid paddle


Fiberglass technology creates an excellent surface that produces spin, while enhancing control

X5™ Core

Durable polypropylene honeycomb technology provides increased power

Comfort Grip™

Cushioning material for a comfortable, confident hold.

Epic player profiles

"Help! I don't know which shape to choose"

"I'm a Tennis Player who wants to master the soft game"