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Vivian Glozman returns to discuss dinking, social media, and her international superstardom — The James Ignatowich Show on SelkirkTV

By James Ignatowich

on Jul 06, 2023

Vivian Glozman returns to the James Ignatowich Show

In the newest episode of The James Ignatowich Show, Episode 24, James is reunited with professional pickleball player Vivian Glozman. Get ready for more laughs and crazy stories as James and Vivian discuss a possible move to Florida, social media profiles, and a failed trip to Europe. 

MLP Challenger League vs. Premier League:

Vivian advanced to the semifinals in the MLP Challenger League San Clemente event with her team the Bay Area Breakers. Vivian shares what it was like playing for the Breakers and adjusting her expectations as she plays in more professional tournaments. James questions whether she thinks she’ll be drafted to the Challenger or Premier League in the upcoming MLP Draft. 

Dinking down the line or cross-court:

Vivian and James discuss one area of Vivian's game that she says could use improvement: switching up her dinks. James jokes that he only ever sees her dink cross-court and the duo dives into practice regimes. 

Is Vivian moving to Florida?:

Vivian currently lives in Washington, but says she’s considering moving to Florida to avoid having to play indoors during the winter and to be near more professional players. She also shares that she’s now committed to being a full-time professional pickleball player. 

Suzie story 2.0:

In her first appearance on the James Ignatowich Show, Vivian shared a story about some beef she had with a classmate we’ll call Suzie. In this episode, Vivian uncovers the reason behind the commotion. 

Pickleball camp counselor polls:

A social media account with the handle @propickleballfanatics is making waves with its “Camp Counselor” polls. The polls pit two professional pickleballers against each other to question, “Who would you rather have as your camp counselor?” James took down Vivian in one poll but lost to Anna Bright in another. 

2023 APP Newport APP preview:

Vivian played in the APP Newport Beach Open over the July 1 weekend. The duo discusses her partnerships and looks forward to future events. 

Mixed or women’s doubles?: 

Vivian shares that she prefers women’s doubles over mixed doubles because she prefers to have a bigger presence on the court. She says she’s still getting used to the “beta” role of being a right-side player in mixed doubles and is currently learning the ropes from fellow pro Jessie Irvine. 

Some players care more about looking good vs. playing good:

Vivian questions whether she’s too nice on the court and if people will take her seriously. She and James also joke about players’ on-court swag and those who may be trying to create a bigger social media presence than their on-court personality allows for.  

Vivian’s upcoming partnerships:

In the remainder of the 2023 PPA season, Vivian will play with a variety of partners, including Hurricane Tyra Black, Callan Dawson, and Tyler Loong. Vivian talks about figuring out her play style and who she wants to partner with in the 2024 season. 

Europe trip canceled:

Vivian roasts James for bailing on a trip to Europe after some flight mishaps and James, of course, steps in to defend himself. After a connecting flight got delayed and rerouted due to weather conditions in New York, James and Anna Bright were going to miss their flight to Europe. So, they decided to stay in New York where they can “dink all day,” according to James. 

Vivian = international superstar:

Vivian shares her wish list of travel destinations and her “international superstardom” in Taiwan. Vivian’s mother is Taiwanese and her dad is Ukrainian, so she understands both Chinese and Russian. She shares the funny things she’s overheard said about her by people who assume she doesn’t speak the language. 

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