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Vivian Glozman on her blossoming pro pickleball career, tennis background, and upcoming partnerships — The James Ignatowich Show on SelkirkTV

By James Ignatowich

on May 18, 2023

In the latest episode of the James Ignatowich Show, Episode #17, James catches up with new pro Vivian Glozman after her impressive showing at the PPA North Carolina Open. Listen as James and Vivian discuss her college roots, her friendship with fellow pro Anna Bright, and her future in the sport. 

Vivian’s introduction to pickleball: 

Kicking off the episode, James and Vivian discuss her introduction to pickleball — which happened just six months ago thanks to the persistence of her “pickleball godmother.” Vivian paired up with her college bestie Anna Bright at the PPA North Carolina Open where they advanced to the women’s doubles semifinals. 

The Cal Berkeley 5-question limit: 

Vivian shares how she and Anna Bright became best friends as freshmen tennis players at the University of California, Berkeley. Anna makes a surprise appearance to discuss a “5 question limit” that Vivian had to follow each day during tennis practice. 

Is Dylan Frazier as tall as he claims to be?: 

At 5’11”, Vivian is one of the tallest female pros on the tour. James pokes fun at fellow Selkirk pro Dylan Frazier, who says he’s also 5’11”, but James questions, “Is he really?” 

Making a career change: 

Vivian, who was studying to become a physician assistant, currently works in a hospital. However, since she began playing professional pickleball, she ran out of paid time off. Vivian discusses her dilemma with HR and her future of becoming a full-time professional pickleball player. 

Final Pick in the MLP Shuffle Draft:

Vivian was selected as the final choice in the MLP Shuffle Draft, going to the Bay Area Breakers. Vivian shares hilarious commentary about how she screamed when she got the news while at dinner, scaring several fellow diners. 

Vivian’s training regiment: 

Although she’s been an athlete all her life, Vivian shares she doesn’t love weight training. Catch a glimpse at her weekly “workout homework” and her daily pickleball practice. Plus the possibility of a future standup comedy career? 

Suzie and the Air Force Academy

Vivian attended the United States Air Force Academy for her fifth year of tennis eligibility. She shares the rigorous training regime, the commitment involved with service academies, and her slight beef with a classmate who we’ll call Suzie. 

 New partnerships on the horizon

For upcoming tournaments, Vivian will play with a variety of partners. Hear about who she’s playing with and her philosophy on how pickleball partnerships should be handled. 

Vivian and Anna’s best friend energy

Vivian played her first big center court matches, and James commended Vivian for her composure. Hear how her tennis background and playing alongside her best friend gave her the right mindset for her matches. 

The passenger princess

James and Vivian discuss how nice it is to be the passenger princess, the person who never does any driving. But who is crowned the fairest princess of them all might just surprise you. 

James’ pickleball goals

In a turn of events, Vivian asks James questions about his pickleball career. Learn how James found out about pickleball and hear how his pickleball goals have evolved along with his gameplay. 

Can any Joe Schmoe become a pickleball player? 

James and Vivian discuss a popular question in the pickleball community: “Can anyone become a professional pickleball player?” The duo discusses what it takes to become the cream of the crop. 

James’ caffeine addiction

James discusses his dream sponsorship outside of pickleball. As someone who visits Starbucks twice a day, the answer is easy. 

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