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Mary Brascia talks PPA success, MLP trades, and the fun of playing with her sister — The James Ignatowich Show on SelkirkTV

By James Ignatowich

on Jun 01, 2023

In the latest episode of the James Ignatowich show, Episode #19, James catches up with fellow Selkirk pro Mary Brascia after her spectacular showing at the PPA Atlanta Open. Don’t miss the laughter as Mary and James discuss playing with family, MLP trades, and Mary’s Hollywood dreams. 

PPA Atlanta Open Recap: 

Mary and James kick off the show by discussing Mary’s huge Atlanta weekend where she took second in women’s singles, fourth in women’s doubles, and sixth in mixed doubles. She discusses the toll a deep run in all three events takes on your body and how her switch to the 002 paddle has helped elevate her game. 

Sister Sister duo:

The Johns, the Johnsons, the Kawamotos, and the Brascias — Mary and her sister Maggie are among the few professional pickleball players who get to play with their siblings. Mary shares what it’s like playing with her little sister, from the great support system to the sisterly fights. 

Full-time pickleball:

Mary has been playing pickleball since 2020, but couldn’t commit full-time until she graduated from Biola University in 2022. Now that she’s playing full-time, Mary shares her training routine and the dedication required to excel in the sport. 

Mary’s MLP trade experience:

Throughout her MLP career, Mary has played for several teams. Mary shares that she enjoys playing with different teammates and meeting new ownership groups. She also looks ahead to “bringing the high energy”  to the upcoming San Clemente tournament where she’ll play alongside Jessie Irvine, Dekel Bar, and Collin Johns for the Las Vegas Night Owls. 

The MLP vs. PPA debate continues:

James and Mary debate whether they prefer the PPA or MLP. The two discuss rally scoring, the opportunity to play with a variety of players, and the future of both leagues.

Who would Mary take to a deserted island?:

James and Mary discuss which professional pickleball player they would take to a deserted island — the catch? James can’t bring Anna Bright and Mary can’t bring her sister. 

Mary’s other dream job:

Mary majored in film in college and she shares that before becoming a professional pickleball player, she wanted to become a producer or editor for an unscripted TV show. Listen as Mary shares which TV shows she would love to work on. 

Mary’s upcoming partnerships

As Mary’s sister Maggie Brascia has several tournament conflicts because of school, Mary looks ahead to a women’s double partnership with Lauren Stratman. Nice guys don’t finish last as Mary plans to play upcoming mixed doubles with three players that James calls “the nicest guys in pickleball,” including Selkirk pro Dylan Frazier.

James tells a story

Mary turns the tables and brushes off her film degree knowledge as she asks James to tell a recent funny tournament story. James shares a tale about a recent faceoff against Mary and her mixed doubles partner Federico Staksrud. 

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