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How pickleball can change your life, with former footballer Shea McClellin — The MaryGoRound Podcast on Selkirk TV

By Mary Brascia

on Sep 06, 2023

Mary Brascia and former NFL footballer Shea McClellin discuss how pickleball can change your life

In the latest episode of “MaryGoRound,” Mary Brascia welcomes former professional football player and current pickleball fanatic Shea McClellin to the show. The two discuss Shea's football career and how pickleball can change your life for the better. 

Introducing Shea McClellin:

Shea McClellin was a first-round draft pick in the NFL and a Super Bowl champion. Now he’s found his way to the pickleball court where he regularly plays with some of Selkirk’s pros, including Mary and Susannah Barr.  

Shea was Mary’s first mixed partner: 

Shea was Mary’s first mixed doubles partner for a tournament in Anaheim, California, where the two took home bronze. Mary shares her favorite memories from the event and Shea says they only won because Mary carried him.

What Shea has been working on: 

Shea, who is now based in Idaho, says he’s been missing living in Orange County for two reasons: Living near Daniel Roditi, who used to coach him; and having good weather so he can play year-round. 

Playing football at a professional level: 

Shea discusses the differences between college football and NFL football. Although he enjoyed both, Shea says the highlight of his football days was in college when he built a football family. The NFL, he says, is more of a business and it’s hard to make friends when you don’t know whether your teammate will be there the next week. 

How pickleball changed Shea’s life: 

When Shea ended his football career, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, which he says led to severe anxiety and depression. His original plan while still in the NFL was to become a firefighter, but after retiring from football, he decided he didn’t want to go from one dangerous job to another. 

Around his birthday, Shea’s wife took him to some pickleball courts where he was “getting crushed by 80-year-olds.” His competitive nature took over and he began playing daily, which he says greatly improved his mental health. 

The McClellin family’s pickleball passion: 

Shea has played in a few tournaments with his wife but says his competitive nature takes over too much. However, he shares that his wife is pregnant with their fifth child and that the whole family may hit the courts together soon. 

What Shea is up to now: 

Aside from pickleball, Shea shares his current passions: being a father, coaching, and sports photography. 

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