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Controversy in Texas, the best new pickleball pros, and a battle with the heat — The James Ignatowich Show on SelkirkTV

By James Ignatowich

on Jun 08, 2023

In the latest episode of the James Ignatowich Show, Episode 20, Adam Stone returns this time serving as a co-host. The duo discusses the excitement from the PPA Selkirk Texas Open, adapting to weather conditions, and the next top women’s players. 

Jaume Martinez Vich’s Run: 

The 19th seed Jaume Martinez Vich made an incredible run in men’s singles, eventually losing in the final match to Ben Johns, but not before taking a game off of him. Adam and James discuss Jaume’s play style and the future of men’s singles as new faces continually make deep tournament runs. 

Women’s Singles Recap: 

The women’s singles final was no less exciting as first seed Anna Leigh Waters and second seed Lea Jansen faced off yet again. The match featured three games, two of which went into extra points, with Anna Leigh eventually coming out on top. James and Adam discuss the electrifying match and a spicy sideline interview with Leigh Waters. 

MLP Team Dynamics: 

Adam and James discuss whether the tight women’s singles match might cause issues for Anna Leigh and Lea, who are James’ teammates in the MLP. James also offers insight into MLP team dynamics — some are more tight-knit and others are more business focused. 

Mixed Doubles Recap and Paddle Challenges: 

James and Anna Bright took bronze in mixed doubles at the PPA Selkirk Texas Open, but not before James’ paddle was challenged by Federico Staksrud. His paddle came back clear and James says he has no hard feelings. Adam and James discuss the stigma around paddle challenges and how they think the challenges should be handled going forward. 

Battling the Heat:

During men’s doubles in Texas, James suffered a heat stroke — something his partner fellow Selkirk pro Tyson McGuffin experienced in Atlanta. James and Adam discuss what it takes to train for certain weather conditions and different strategies to employ in the heat. 

Men’s Doubles Recap: 

Adam applauds Collin Johns’ play in the men’s doubles final as he and his brother Ben Johns won another title. James discusses Collin’s ability to reset the ball and shares the soft skills he’s been working on in practice. The duo also debates what matchup could have the potential to unseat the Johns brothers.  

Big 3 in Men’s Pickleball: 

Right now, the best-performing men’s doubles teams are consistently Ben and Collin Johns, Riley Newman and Matt Wright, and J.W. Johnson and Selkirk pro Dylan Frazier. Adam questions what James and Tyson would need to do to be in the mix.  

Next Top Women’s Pro: 

Adam and James discuss two up-and-coming women’s players — Hurricane Tyra Black and Vivian Glozman — and how they could stack up by the end of the year. Women’s pickleball is getting more competitive, and Adam says there are a lot of players that have the potential to shake up the rankings. 

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