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A look at Atlanta's pickleball scene — Destination Pickle on Selkirk TV

By Brynn Grissom

on Dec 19, 2023

Rob Nunnery visits Atlanta on the latest episode of Destination Pickle

In the latest installment of Destination Pickle, host Rob Nunnery heads to his home state of Georgia to visit the Atlanta Pickleball Center.

Follow along as Rob explores the incredible facility, teaches a clinic, and interviews former NFL quarterback and current pickleball enthusiast Danny Wuerffel. 

A tour of Atlanta Pickleball Center

Rob kicks off the episode with a tour of Atlanta Pickleball Center, which features 10 indoor pickleball courts. On a typical evening, every court is full and spectators hang out on the edges of the courts to watch the play. 

The facility also offers classes for beginners who want to learn how to play and players who want to improve their game. Pros and coaches are on hand to give private lessons as well. 

Those interested in playing can reserve a court or participate in open play based on skill level. 

The facility features a lounge, dressing rooms, and a pro shop is in the works so players can have access to all their equipment needs.  

Atlanta Pickleball Center is housed in a building that used to be used for truck and limousine storage, so the facility can accommodate food trucks for various events. 

Corporate pickleball event

After Rob tours the facility, he is joined by fellow professional AJ Koller. The duo hosts a clinic for a corporate pickleball event where they teach people about the game. 

Don’t miss the hijinks as the two make up words, attempt to play a game, and send several balls into the net. 

A sit down with Danny Wuerffel

Once he’s nice and sweaty, Rob sits down with 1996 Heisman Trophy Winner Danny Wuerffel, who is now a pickleball fanatic. 

Wuerffel is an Atlanta native and shares insights on the pickleball scene in the city, his favorite part of pickleball, and the PickleBowl, a nonprofit event that brings together professional pickleballers and celebrities to raise money for charity. 

Chatting with Robb Herzfeld 

Rob is joined by another Robb, the owner and general manager of Atlanta Pickleball Center. 

The two chat about how Atlanta Pickleball Center came to be. Robb shares that as he got into the sport, he found there was a lack of dedicated pickleball courts, particularly those that are indoors. 

After searching for months, Robb and his team finally found the perfect venue, but it had to undergo a number of renovations to make it an enjoyable experience for players. 

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