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By Allison Sumida

Jack Sock, Collin Shick prepare for homecoming at the North Carolina Cup

Selkirk pro athlete Jack Sock playing with the Luxx paddle in red.


The North Carolina Cup kicks off this week, with Team Selkirk’s Jack Sock and Collin Shick competing on home turf.

Jack Sock looks to defend his title

Around this time last year, Jack Sock was just beginning to demonstrate his potential in pickleball. Sock, who was still actively competing on the pro tennis circuit, partnered up with Anna Leigh Waters for his hometown pickleball debut and made an impressive showing by taking gold over some seasoned competitors.

Sock will look to defend his gold medal, this time with Catherine Parenteau in mixed doubles. The Sock-Parenteau duo have come a long way since their start of their partnership back at the Masters. Although they have a difficult draw ahead of them en route to Championship Sunday, the synergy of their playstyles has continued to improve, and recent tournament results have proven their ability to compete with the best of the best. 

Collin Shick plays for his home crowd 

Collin Shick has been on the rise since his ‘Cinderella Run’ at the Florida PPA last year. This tournament will be a special one for the former NC State tennis alum, as he is playing with two other North Carolina residents in front of a home crowd. In men’s doubles, Shick will continue to play with Jack Sock. Leading up to the North Carolina Cup, Shick wrote about his partnership with Sock, in which he details their fun and nontraditional practice sessions. You can expect to see their highly athletic and energetic games translate into tournament play.

In mixed doubles, Shick is playing alongside Brooke Buckner – a newer partnership that has shown a lot of promise. Shick and Buckner are competing in the bottom half of the draw with Parenteau and Sock, so there is potential for the two teams to face off in the round of 16. 

James Ignatowich returns

James Ignatowich has not played a tournament since late February, leaving fans to wonder when he would return to the tour. Now, after recovering from a shoulder injury, Ignatowich will pair with his regular partners - Anna Bright in mixed doubles and Matt Wright in men’s doubles. Not only is Ignatowich playing in doubles, but he is competing in singles, which is a first for the season. Over the past few years, Ignatowich has had considerable success in singles, earning one gold and two bronze finishes. He will face a tough competitor in Christian Alshon in the round of 32. 

Rohrabacher on the rise

Rachel Rohrabacher’s game gets better and better. Consistent medalists in women's doubles this season, Rohrabacher and Anna Bright have achieved what many others have not: they defeated the No. 1 team of Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau. The Austin Open was truly a turning point for Rohrabacher and Bright, and they proved they are the team to beat this tournament. Rohrabacher and Bright will face off against a team of qualifiers, with the potential of meeting the Brascia sisters, Mary and Maggie, in the round of 16. 


Be sure to tune in on PickleballTV to catch the action in Cary!

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