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Tips for playing pickleball with your spouse

By Brynn Grissom

on Apr 16, 2024

Four people play pickleball on a court inside a DICK's Sporting Good store. A man and woman stand with their backs to the camera, ready to receive a ball from the other team.

Playing pickleball with your spouse offers a unique opportunity to strengthen your relationship while engaging in physical activity. 

However, differences in skill levels and competitive natures can sometimes lead to tension. To maintain both your marital bliss and your competitive edge, it's crucial to focus on positive communication and mutual support while on the pickleball court. 

Effective strategies for pickleball success with your spouse

For couples playing doubles, maintaining a balance between fun and competitiveness is essential. Being supportive and collaboratively addressing gameplay issues not only improves your skills but also solidifies your partnership. 

Expecting one partner to resolve all problems is unrealistic — success in doubles pickleball requires both players to contribute equally. 

Take lessons together

Enrolling in pickleball lessons with a neutral coach can greatly enhance your understanding of the game and each other. These sessions help clarify gameplay roles and responsibilities, reducing the chances of miscommunication during critical moments.

Foster support on the court

As with any sport, it’s important to remain encouraging with your teammate. When your teammate is your spouse, this is often easier said than done. However, a few encouraging words or tapping paddles after each point are simple ways to show your spouse that you support them, even if they just missed an easy putaway.

Upgrade your gear together

Staying updated with the latest pickleball equipment can boost your confidence and performance. Just make sure that when you make a pickleball purchase, you get a second version for your spouse. 

For tournaments, consider investing in matching outfits. Not only will you project a unified front to your competitors, but it can also help foster connectivity between you and your partner. Just make sure your clothes are tournament-approved. 

Practice patience

The proverbial phrase “patience is a virtue” rings true on the pickleball court. Playing with a spouse can sometimes be more frustrating than playing with other partners due to heightened expectations. 

Offering the same kindness and support you might show to a friend or new pickleball partner to your spouse can make gameplay more enjoyable and help you quickly move past mistakes.

The power of a supportive smile

A supportive smile can be incredibly powerful, especially when your partner is struggling. This simple gesture can alleviate stress, prevent mental spirals, and reinforce your bond, keeping both your marriage and your on-court performance strong.

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