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What to wear when playing pickleball

By Brynn Grissom

on Jul 31, 2023

As pickleball grows in popularity, so too does pickleball fashion. Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned player, it’s important to find comfortable clothing that can help you bring your best to the court.

But of course, like Selkirk pro
Parris Todd, you may also want to look fashionable as you work on your game.


What to wear to play pickleball in style 

Pickleball is an active sport, so it’s essential to wear clothes in which you can move comfortably. While performance is vital, looking stylish on the pickleball court doesn't hurt either. 

Think about items you can move in easily so you can get low in the transition zone and dominate at the kitchen line. Here are some tips to help you rock the pickleball style.

Wear lightweight and breathable clothes 

    Opt for moisture-wicking shorts or pickleball skirts to keep sweat at bay and avoid discomfort. Lightweight and breathable fabrics will ensure you stay cool, even during heated matches.

    Wear layered clothing when playing pickleball

    Wear layered tops for versatility

    Weather can be unpredictable, so wearing tops in layers is a smart choice. Pickleball is all about being agile, and layering allows you to adjust to the environment without missing a beat.

    Selkirk Sport pro line - what to wear when playing pickleball 

    Bring a weather-resistant jacket

    If there's a chance of light rain or chilly winds, consider bringing along a weather-resistant jacket. It will keep you dry and comfortable, allowing you to focus on the game instead of the weather.

    Wear a lightweight jacket to the pickleball courts

    Consider headwear for sun protection

    A hat or visor is essential to protect your face from the sun's rays while maintaining clear vision on the court. It also helps keep sweat out of your eyes, ensuring you never lose sight of the ball.

    Wear a hat for sun protection on the pickleball court

    Choose proper eye protection 

    Pickleballs can travel at high speeds, so safeguarding your eyes is crucial. Like Selkirk’s Mary and Maggie Brascia, consider a pair of sunglasses or protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the sun and potential impacts.

    Mary and Maggie Brascia

    Make sure your feet are supported

    Although most tennis shoes can work for pickleball, court shoes designed specifically for pickleball are a game changer. Court pickleball shoes offer better grip, more ankle support, and soles that support the lateral movements you’ll make on the court. Don’t forget to wear a pair of durable, moisture-absorbing socks. 

    Top questions about pickleball apparel

    As you consider your options, you may wonder about specific clothing items and styles. Here is a look at Selkirk’s suggestions for the most popular pickleball apparel questions.  

    Does pickleball have a dress code? 

    In most instances, pickleball does not have a dress code. However, some clubs may have their own dress code, so if you’re a club member, it’s best to check your local guidelines before hitting the courts. 

    For all tournament players, there is one dress code rule to consider. A USA Pickleball rule states that pickleball tournament players may not wear apparel that “approximates to the color of the ball.” So leave your bright yellow clothes at home! 

    For more information on tournament-approved apparel and equipment, check out this video with professional pickleball official Maddie Toren. 

    Can you wear leggings to play pickleball?

    Leggings are a great option for playing pickleball. They offer excellent flexibility, allowing you to move freely on the court while keeping your legs comfortably covered. Opt for moisture-wicking leggings to wick away sweat, keeping you cool and dry during intense rallies. What to wear when playing pickleball

    Can you wear tennis clothes to play pickleball?

    Many tennis outfits are perfectly suitable for pickleball, as both sports share similar movement requirements. From tennis skirts to dresses and shorts, you'll find a wide range of choices that offer comfort and style. Just ensure your outfit allows you to move with ease, and you're set to play pickleball like a pro.

    What shoes do you wear for pickleball?

    When it comes to footwear, the right pair of court shoes is a game-changer. Court shoes are specially designed to provide stability and support, allowing you to make quick lateral movements without risking injury. 

    They offer excellent traction on the court surface, giving you the confidence to chase down those hard-to-reach shots. Make sure to select a pair that fits well and offers ample cushioning for added comfort during intense matches.

    Shop pickleball clothing at Selkirk Sport

    Remember, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in what you wear so that you can focus on your game and have a blast on the court. Dressing right can make a world of difference in your game. Go for court shoes to move swiftly, opt for breathable clothes to stay cool, and don't forget the headwear and eye protection for added safety.

    At Selkirk Sport, we have not only crafted top-performing pickleball paddles but also apparel that will enhance your on-court performance and highlight your personal style. Shop our apparel collection today for pickleball clothing that helps you dominate the courts in style. 

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