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10 Pickleball New Year’s Resolutions to Be Your Best in 2023

By Kyle Whatnall

on Dec 28, 2022

1. Drop more, drive less.

Unless you have a blistering forehand drive like Tyson McGuffin’s, you likely should be dropping the ball more often than driving when it comes to third shots. When players first start playing, especially when transitioning from tennis, players are more comfortable with a powerful drive shot as opposed to a precise drop shot. To improve your game, finding a consistent third shot drop is essential. 


2. Improve Your Patience (Especially at Kitchen Line)

The best pickleball players on the planet are experts at keeping the ball low and waiting for a high ball to attack. Have confidence in your shots, especially in long dink rallies, and avoid pop-ups. Practice patience until you can force a mistake from your opponents and capitalize with an offensive shot. 

3. Work on One Thing Each Session.

Pickleball is an easy game to start playing, but a difficult game to master. Thus, it can be challenging to work improving several skills at once. Focusing on improving one specific shot each time you play recreationally can be a good way to enhance that specific skill. 

4. Implement a Practice/Drilling Routine.

Practicing the most common shots in pickleball (drops, drives, resets, dinks, etc.), is the best way to improve your level quickly. Developing a drilling routine and adding it to your schedule will not only grow your game fast, but also make recreational play more enjoyable. Not sure where to start with drills? HERE is a great beginner-friendly practice routine. 

5. Upgrade Your Pickleball Paddle.

Selkirk is consistently leading the charge when it comes to developing and improving pickleball paddle technology. 2023 is a great year to upgrade your paddle, it makes a big difference! HERE is a list of the best pickleball paddles for spin and HERE is a list of the best paddles when it comes to power. 

6. Check Out Online Pickleball Tutorials.

As the game has grown, content centered around pickleball education has helped players to learn and improve. Selkirk TV is the home for countless videos on strategy, techniques, and more, hosted by top pros. Download the Selkirk TV app HERE

7. Enhance Fitness and Strength While Off of The Court.

While off of the court, there are many ways to improve your body and help prepare it for regular pickleball play. Much of pickleball is played with bent knees and quick movements. Thus, it is important to keep your cardio, strength, and flexibility in mind to better your performance and reduce risk of an injury. To get started, check out THIS great stretching routine and try out THIS exercise to improve your footwork!

8. Watch and Learn From More Professional Matches.

There are valuable insights to gain from watching the highest level of our sport. Gaining a better understanding of strategy, mental strength, and technique by watching top pros (like Tyson McGuffin and Mary Brascia)can help you with your own game. Plus, tuning into a professional tournament live stream provides great entertainment value!

9. Become More Involved With Your Pickleball Community.

Attending open play at local facilities, public parks, etc., can be a great way to meet new people and become involved with your pickleball community. Attending or competing in a tournament can also be a fun way to challenge yourself and make new friends! Plus, there are great opportunities and perks with Selkirk to become an advocate in your local community. 

10. Start a Pickleball Journal.

One great way to track your progress and pickleball journey is by starting a journal in 2023. Write about techniques you’re working on, goals you’d like to accomplish, and anything else related to your pickleball growth!

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