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Free Improved 001 Paddle For All Participating Labs Members

By Stephen Bass

on Jul 28, 2022

Free Improved 001 Paddle For All Participating Labs Members


We wanted to sincerely thank the members of Selkirk Labs for their participation in this program. We don’t know if you understand how vital your feedback is to our success. The way you embraced this program directly impacts our ability to innovate, and has led to the development of 3 new paddles launching next month with never before seen paddle technology.

We want to inform you of several updates for Labs members including:

  • Early access to our latest 003 project
  • Updates to Selkirk labs
  • A free gift for you: An improved 001 from Selkirk to Labs founding members who have submitted R&D feedback

Early access to the 003 Paddle - Starting today! 

The Project 003 builds upon the 001 and 002, and is the ultimate paddle for control, power, and spin. The official launch for the Selkirk Labs 003 is August 2nd, but labs members get early access starting today (July 28th).

Free improved 001 for founding members who submitted feedback: As a thank you, we are providing a free improved version of the 001 to founding members who submitted feedback. Based on feedback, we know that the 001 needs increased spin capability. We are testing an improved surface technology with more spin than the original 001. Shapes will vary and we unfortunately can not accept requests for shapes. To qualify to receive this free paddle, you must submit R&D feedback by July 30th, 2022 for your 001 or 002. Labs members that returned their paddle(s) will be excluded from the free gift. Free paddle will be sent in October to the address on file for labs members.


Gift card for R&D feedback: we are now rewarding R&D feedback on Labs paddle projects priced at $333 with a $77 gift card. Feedback is the way we validate and gather valuable data on new technologies. We will no longer be including a $50 gift card with Selkirk Labs orders.

Early Access to VANGUARD Power Air - August 9th!

 The VANGUARD Power Air is the optimized version of the Labs Project 002. The official launch date is August 16th but Labs members will receive early access on August 9th. If you submit R&D feedback for the VANGUARD Power Air purchased via early access, you will receive a $33 Selkirk Labs Gift Card.

Prototype program: Beginning in early 2023, we will start a new prototype program that will be available by invite only to Selkirk Labs members at no cost. Essentially, we will send early stage prototype paddle(s) to a member for a limited amount of time (e.g. one week) to try and provide feedback. We will then rotate these prototype paddles among members and testers. The most promising prototypes will become Labs projects for more feedback and testing. We will select labs members for this program based on their purchase history and feedback provided for R&D projects.

Hiring engineer support: In order to better support labs members, talk through member feedback, and provide a better R&D experience to Labs members, we will be hiring an engineer support staff for Selkirk Labs. These will be engineers who review and periodically respond to customer feedback and provide support.

Advocate program: We recently revamped our Selkirk Advocate program and will be including Project 003 and Power Air demos to new advocates. In addition, we have added a referral program to the Advocate program so that advocates can receive additional store credit when they refer customers to Selkirk Advocates will also receive a discount on purchases.

We hope you know how important your membership is to us. We could not innovate without your feedback and we hope you continue to help us shape the future of pickleball paddle technology! 

For those of you who wish to join Selkirk Labs, we would love to have you! Click the link to Learn More About Selkirk Labs or you can Apply Now.

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