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Selkirk Labs Explained

By Stephen Bass

on Jul 27, 2022

What is Selkirk Labs?

Selkirk Labs is the independent research & development division of Selkirk Sport. We realized early on a passion for innovating and pushing the limits of paddle design. Selkirk Labs mission is to be constantly improving our paddles to give you an advantage on the court. We have implemented an extensive R&D process for delivering the highest performing paddles:

Customer Feedback 

It would be foolish to think the opinions of just a few represent the majority. Which is why we have collected player feedback on our paddles from hundreds of players through our Selkirk Labs Membership Program. We compile the feedback into data so we understand WHAT NEEDS IMPROVING. 


Materials, Shapes, Core Thickness, Core Material, Roughness, Flex…it isn’t possible to innovate without an understanding of all these things and more! We have recruited experts in materials and engineering to collaborate on paddle design so we can provide the highest performing paddle. We did not pretend to have all the answers ourselves when we started building paddles in 2014 (and we have the many failed prototypes to prove it), but we have invested the time and resources to learn from the experts over the years. Each paddle design is a culmination of hundreds of hours of research! 


Behind the scenes, we have produced hundreds of prototypes, but less than 1% make it to production. We test our products extensively through our internal team as well as our pro players. We need to know whether the paddle actually performs on the court, not just in the Lab. Often, we go “back to the drawing board” and more research is required. But it’s worth it in the long run to know we are producing the highest quality paddles on the market.

The end products are a select few paddle designs that have proven to give you an advantage on the court through Control, Power, and Spin. The paddles and technologies that make it through Labs, we implement in our Selkirk and SLK by Selkirk Line. Labs research has led to the launch of 3 new upcoming paddles: the Labs 003, SLK Omega, and the Vanguard Power Air.

Let's look at the Power Air and the Project 003 as a examples of how Labs research leads to innovation:

The Vanguard Power Air (Launching August 16, 2022) 

The first iteration of this technology was developed in Selkirk Labs and launched as Project 002. Utilizing Labs member feedback, research, and testing, the Power Air is an optimized model of the 002. Major improvements include: 

  • providing additional control from the SuperCore
  • enhanced consistency with 360° Proto Molding
  • next-level aerodynamics and edge durability with Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless technology. 
  • A Larger AirDynamic Throat and Throat Flex giving you less wind resistance and a larger dwell time to maximize power and spin

While edgeless technology has been around for several years, Selkirk is committed to introducing many new performance innovations to edgeless paddles. The Power Air focuses on durability, offers an elevated feel, complete with a polymer honeycomb core, and is the power and spin paddle the Pickleball community has been asking for.

You can learn more about the Vanguard Power Air here, as well as signing up for early access by subscribing!

The Selkirk Labs 003 (Launching August 2, 2022)

The 003 was constructed from feedback from our Project 001, 002, and Vanguard Line. The 003 is the thickest core on the market and features several new technologies and improvements including:

  • X7 Thikset Honeycomb Core: At an impressive 20mm, this innovation amps up power and control and gives the 003 the largest sweet spot of any paddle we have ever launched.
  • CarbonFlex Fiber Twill: Paired with the X7 Thikset Honeycomb Core, CarbonFlex gives you an incredibly soft and controlled feel, while still enhancing power.
  • A Larger AirDynamic Throat and Throat Flex giving you less wind resistance and a larger dwell time to maximize power and spin
  • Enhanced consistency with 360° Proto Molding

The 003 is the ultimate paddle for power, control, and spin and is the leading paddle for balanced Pickleball players. You can learn more about the Labs Project 003 here. With this being a Labs Paddle, it is available exclusively through Selkirk Labs Membership:

Join Selkirk Labs

By invitation or request, Selkirk Labs Membership offers the Pickleball community a chance to pilot, and participate in, the latest advancements in Pickleball paddle technology. We value our members and could not do it without you. We would love to have you join our team!

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