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Catherine Parenteau: The Journey from Pickleball Enthusiast to Signature Paddle Stardom

By Kyle Whatnall

on Oct 10, 2023

From the glowing floodlights of Michigan State's tennis courts to the sunlit arenas of major pickleball tournaments, Catherine Parenteau's journey is one of passion, dedication, and a deep love for the game. With the launch of the signature Catherine Parenteau Vanguard Power Air Invikta paddle, this is a story of how a humble hobby turned into a flourishing career.

Discovering Pickleball Passion

In the chilly October of 2015, amidst her academic commitments at Michigan State, Catherine stumbled upon pickleball. It started as a mere evening pastime, a fun escape with friends in a pickleball league. But, as with all things touched by destiny, this wasn't just another sport for Catherine. Post her graduation, she moved to sunny Florida, where her dual journey as a tennis instructor and a pickleball coach commenced.

While she participated in big tournaments such as the US Open, the Tournament of Champions, and Nationals, it was all in the spirit of fun. However, the global pandemic was a game-changer. With pickleball gaining massive popularity and the inception of the PPA Tour in 2020, Catherine's innate talent began to shine brightly. Sponsorships, attention, and accolades started flowing in. "It's crazy to be here today and be doing this for a living," Catherine muses.

Choosing Selkirk: The Perfect Match

Selkirk's commitment to excellence and their omnipresence in tournaments caught Catherine's eye. "I've always loved their marketing," she mentions. The exceptional quality of the Vanguard Power Air paddle and the genuine enthusiasm of the Selkirk team, especially the Barnes brothers, convinced her that Selkirk was the brand she wanted to associate with. 

Designing the Signature Paddle

For Catherine, her game's offense was paramount. Although thicker paddles are more common, she felt they didn't give her the desired edge. Enter the Vanguard Power Air paddle – thinner with excellent control and immense power. The journey of putting her own spin on it was a special one. With the expertise of Brandon Hubschman from Selkirk, Catherine got the chance to place her signature, name, and logo on the paddle – a mark of true distinction in the sports world.

The Aesthetic Edge

Catherine's paddle stands out not just for its quality but also for its striking aesthetics. The serene light blue and pristine white of the paddle aren't mere colors. They're symbolic of Catherine's love for these shades and a heartwarming tribute to the Quebec flag. Against the backdrop of mostly black paddles, her signature paddle truly pops, reflecting her vibrant spirit.

Looking Ahead: The Future & Legacy

Ambitious and driven, Catherine's goals extend beyond the court. While she's invested in a team to ensure her health for prolonged gameplay, she also dreams of setting up her academy in Florida. Teaching, nurturing talents, and leaving behind a legacy as the Director of her own academy is her vision for the future.

With the launch of her signature Vanguard Power Air paddle, Catherine exclaims, "I'm super excited!" and so are we. Here's to the game, the passion, and the incredible journey of Catherine Parenteau! 


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