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An ode to pickleball noise: The Holderness Family's symphony of pickleball sound

By Brynn Grissom

on Aug 15, 2023

The Holderness Family used Selkirk paddles to create a song

Many have become familiar with the sounds of certain sports: the crack of a bat hitting a baseball, the thump of a basketball being dribbled, and the roar of a racecar engine, to name a few. 

But if you've ever set foot on a pickleball court, you're likely aware of the noise of the game — it's a symphony of sound, a chorus of clatters that has sparked a cacophony of complaints. 

Enter YouTube sensations, The Holderness Family, who have come together with Selkirk Sport to address the uproar in a manner that's nothing short of a stroke of genius.

Why is pickleball noisy? — Unveiling the pickleball orchestra

Pickleball has made waves in recent years, not just for the athletic prowess or strategic gameplay involved, but also for the symphony of sound that accompanies the game. 

The rhythmic thwacks of paddles striking plastic balls, the dance of feet as they shuffle across the court, and the occasional whoops of victory are all noises some pickleball court neighbors have complained about — but to the Holderness Family, these are the instruments of the pickleball orchestra.

Selkirk Sport’s musical debut

In their video, aptly titled "Pickleball Symphony," the Holderness Family dives headfirst into the sounds of pickleball, celebrating it in all its eccentric glory. 

The video showcases their clever use of Selkirk pickleball paddles and balls as makeshift instruments, transforming the game's clatter into a melodic masterpiece. And in a true nod to the collaboration, the lyrics of the family's original song even include a shoutout to Selkirk products and athletes.

The Holderness Family x Selkirk collection: Harmony in play

The video release marks the launch of The Holderness Collection, designed to provide all of the items a new pickleball player will need to succeed on the court. 

The star of the collection is the family bundle, which features a sling bag, pickleball balls, and two Atlas paddles that The Holderness Family designed in a vibrant blue-green colorway called “Pickleball Y’all” after another of the family’s pickleball-themed videos. The collection also features the Holderness Family x Evo Control XL and Max Paddles

Embracing the pickleball noise with open arms (and ears)

Rather than dampening the noise, the Holderness Family amplified it, turning the rhythm of pickleball into a source of shared laughter and camaraderie. So, next time you’re on the court and the pickleball orchestra begins its uproarious symphony, remember to join in the chorus — and maybe even grab a Selkirk paddle to add your unique note to the mix.

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