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Selkirk Launches New Collection in Partnership with The Holderness Family, Internet Stars Known for Their Viral YouTube Videos

By Kyle Whatnall

on Aug 15, 2023


The magic of pickleball is sweeping across the nation, and if you haven’t caught on to the craze, now's your chance. We’re thrilled to announce that Selkirk Sport, the leading brand in the world of pickleball, has partnered with the dynamic YouTube sensations - The Holderness Family. The result? The Holderness Collection!

Why The Holderness Collection?
Designed with love, passion, and a sprinkle of The Holderness Family's unique sense of humor, this collection promises everything a budding Pickleball player could dream of.

🔵 The Holderness Family x SLK Sling Bag in its vibrant Blue-Green color is your go-to bag to carry all your pickleball essentials. Spacious, stylish, and specifically designed to keep your paddles safe, this bag is a blend of fashion and function.

🔵 The Holderness Family x SLK Atlas in the 'Pickleball Y’all' color theme is perfect for both newcomers and regular players. Lightweight, designed with advanced technology and oozing style, it promises control, comfort, and a splash of color.

🔵 Never compromise on your game with the SLK Hybrid Ball 4-pack. These balls, designed for endurance, are perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

🔵 For those wanting more choices, the collection also offers the Holderness Family x Evo Control XL and Max Paddles. Both these paddles are engineered for an unbeatable playing experience, equipped with the latest technology, and dressed in bold new color waves.

For the Beginner Pickleball Player
If you've been eagerly waiting for a comprehensive pickleball set, this collection is your dream come true! Priced reasonably, the bundle offers 2 paddles, pickleballs, and the stunning sling bag. It's the perfect start to your pickleball journey.

For the Recreational Pickleball Player
Casual players, rejoice! The Holderness Collection offers premium technology combined with stunning design, all for just $100. It's a real steal, promising longevity and growth as you delve deeper into the game.

The Mission
Our goal is simple – to introduce the exhilarating game of pickleball to a broader audience and solidify Selkirk's position as the #1 brand. By partnering with The Holderness Family, we're reaching out to the masses, spreading awareness about pickleball, and showcasing our top-notch products suitable for both newbies and advanced players.

Let’s Play Pickleball, Y’all!
The Holderness Collection from SLK by Selkirk is a game-changer, literally! Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned player, this collection promises a luxurious playing experience. So, choose your paddle, get some balls, and let the games begin!

Start playing Pickleball, Y’all! Dive into The Holderness Collection and experience the best of pickleball. Let’s grow, learn, and play together.

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