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Light Up the Court: Selkirk sponsors Katy Perry's inaugural Firework Foundation pickleball tournament

By Brynn Grissom

on Nov 07, 2023

Selkirk Sport sponsored Katy Perry's Light Up The Court event

In a star-studded event that combined a passion for pickleball with a commitment to making a difference in children's lives, Katy Perry and her celebrity friends came together to host the Firework Foundation's inaugural "Light Up the Court" pickleball event in Santa Barbara. 

The event, held in October, was a smashing success and featured not only A-list celebrities but also professional pickleball players, all rallying for a common cause. 

Katy Perry stretches before hitting the pickleball courts

The Firework Foundation's mission

The Firework Foundation, founded by Katy Perry and her sister Angela Lerche, has a noble mission at its heart: to empower children from underserved communities by igniting their inner lights through the power of the arts. 

This vision is rooted in the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to discover and nurture their creative talents. By supporting programs that provide access to the arts, the Firework Foundation aims to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of artists, creators, and leaders.

Katy Perry uses a Selkirk Sport Vanguard Power Air pickleball paddle

Light Up the Court event

The Light Up the Court event was a unique and innovative way to raise funds for the Firework Foundation's cause. 

The event featured a star-studded pickleball tournament that saw celebrities facing off against professional pickleball players, all while fostering a sense of community, competition, and philanthropy.

Orlando Bloom uses the Selkirk Sport Luxx Control Air

Celebrities on the court

The event's guest list read like a who's who of Hollywood, with celebrities such as Katy Perry herself, Orlando Bloom, Kate Hudson, Meghan Trainor, and Rob Lowe gracing the pickleball courts. 

These A-listers weren't just there to make appearances — they were eager to compete and have some fun while supporting the Firework Foundation's cause. 

Selkirk Sport athlete Maggie Brascia hugs Katy Perry after playing an exhibition pickleball match

Pickleball pros in action

In addition to the star power on the celebrity side, the Light Up the Court event also showcased the skills of professional pickleball players, including Federico Staksrud, Thomas Wilson, and Selkirk’s own dynamic duo Mary and Maggie Brascia. =

These talented athletes demonstrated the intensity and precision required to excel in the sport of pickleball while playing in exhibition matches with the participating celebrities. 

Firework Foundation participants were gifted a Selkirk Sport paddle

Helping the cause

Selkirk Sport was proud to be a sponsor of the event to not only help grow the sport of pickleball but also contribute to the Firework Foundation's mission. 

Donations to the Firework Foundation are always welcome and go directly toward empowering children through the arts. Your contribution can help provide access to artistic programs, mentorship, and resources for children who may not have had the opportunity otherwise. 

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