Vanguard Power Mach6 (No Restock ETA)

Vanguard Power Mach6 (No Restock ETA)

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Details + Specs

Skill Level: Intermediate to Pro

Average Weight: 7.7oz - 8.2oz

Height: 16.5"

Width: 7.375"

Grip Length: 5.875"

Grip Circumference: 4.25"

Sweetspot size: 8

Price: $200

Surface Area: Elongated Paddle

Handle Length: Longest handle (5.875")



Low-profile, lightweight and durable edge guard technology for a well-balanced, solid paddle 

Quadcarbon+ Face™

Not all carbon fiber is created equal. The highest grade carbon fiber is stiffer and lighter. Because only the best is good enough, VANGUARD Power features premium Toray carbon fiber face—the market leader in carbon fiber technology, used by aerospace companies. QuadCarbon+ technology provides unrivaled speed, a larger sweet spot, and longer resonance time for ultimate consistency, supreme spin, and flawless feel.

X6™ Honeycomb Streamlined Poly Core 

Engineered for persistent power, the VANGUARD core is comprised of state of the art polypropylene honeycomb technology. Performing optimally in conjunction with the proprietary QuadCarbon Face, the vibration from each hit resonates in the propylene core and delivers unmatched speed. The streamlined, aerodynamic core of the VANGUARD Power absorbs less energy, delivering maximum speed across the face of the paddle with superior sound and feel.


Supreme comfort with enhanced wicking capability, improved traction, and premium style.



With an elongated surface area integrated with our longest handle yet, the Mach6 allows you to dominate the court with a two-handed backhand. Tennis players will love the Mach6 reach and sweet spot.


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Gustaf G.
Sweden Sweden
The real reason tennis players love the Mach6

Reading about long handle paddles in general and the Vanguard Power Mach6 in particular it says that “tennis players will love it”. I always assumed that was because of the possibility to hit a two-handed backhand. After having tried it though – I’d say the two-handed backhand is more of a bonus. The real sensation is the feel of the paddle when hitting a forehand. It’s really more of a racket feel than a paddle feel, in terms of balance and dynamics. The familiarity of this feeling is intensely satisfying for a tennis player as you are able to bring out more of your old strokes on the pickleball court with consistency. Before I have added weight to my paddle to get more powerful shots. Because of the shape of the Mach6 I don’t feel the need for that. So basically you have lighter, quicker paddle that can still generate awesome power. This is especially noticeable when playing at the net. The lighter paddle makes my reaction time quicker and the inherent power of the paddle still reflects the speed of the opponent back at him or her. When the ball is up high in the air, the point is basically over given how much speed and power I can generate with the Power Mach6. So offensively it’s a blast playing with the Power Mach6. Defensively, on the net, I’m also very positive. The feeling of hitting third shot drops in the kitchen is good and so is the **** game, although the Invikta is probably better. Also when hitting out of position defensive shots in the back court the Invikta has the upper hand. But perhaps that is also something I can learn over time with this racket as it is still very new to me. So, back to where this review started, i.e. the two-handed backhand – how is it? It’s. Simply. Great. The times when opponents could simply hit my backhand and expect a slice or floater are over...

Selkirk Sport Vanguard Power Mach6 (Restocking Summer 2021) Review