Strategy Course Day twelve

When to Attack & Under Attack

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Throw down the hammer

If you are in a dinking battle at the net, look for an opportunity to turn up the heat. A downward shot or a shot with speed will turn the tide in your favor. 
When is the right time to attack with speed? 
Net high ball or higher is an automatic green light. If you can hit straight ahead or downward, go for it. 
If you have been picking on one player for a while and the other player is sleeping, attack. Disguise the shot as much as possible. A little no-looker can do wonders. 
If you can overpower your opponents volley capabilities, turn it up.

When you are in a dinking battle, look for the opportunity to put some heat on it and win the rally.

When You’re Under Attack

When your opponents are on the attack, you have to be able to handle the speed and keep the ball in play. The primary goal is to get the ball back in the court. But if you want to reset the point, you have to do more than that. If you are able, it’s always nice to counter-attack. If you can anticipate their attack and have the hand speed, give them a taste of their own medicine. But a counter-attack is not always possible. The next best thing is to relieve the pressure with a low ball. Remember, opponents at the net are always looking for a high ball to smash down. The best way to defend is to keep that ball low so that the other team has to hit up.

Key Technical Skills:

Paddle Angle - The best way to keep the ball low is to control the angle of the paddle. Because the ball is coming at you from a fairly straight angle, you will want to send it back on a straight angle. Keep your paddle vertical and make solid contact. 
Give Some Cushion - You will also need to absorb the speed of the oncoming ball. Reduce your grip pressure and remove your swing to absorb the power and control speed. Too much speed, and the ball will stay elevated, allowing your opponents to complete a one-two punch.

When you are under attack, focus on resetting the point by keeping the ball low. 

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