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Strategy Course Recap

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In this video, Mark shares how the pros think about a serve (hint: it’s more strategic than you might think). He gets straight to the point and shares step-by-step guidance to help you improve your game.

Return Serve Like You Mean It

In this video, Mark gets us to the return. Learn how to throw your opponents off their game and get the rally moving in your favor.

Drop it Like it’s hot

In this video, Mark gets beyond technique and shares how to think about the third shot.

Don’t Fear the Drive

Mark gets into the strategy of the drive verses the drop and helps you think about the third shot like a pro.

The Under-appreciated 4th Shot

You're past the opening game and into the thick of it. It's important to have a strategy for the rest of the game. Mark reveals his strategies for dealing with any kind of third shot.

Escape Trouble with Resets

Pickleball is all about pressure, applying it when you have the chance, and relieving it when it’s on you. Mark takes you through the strategy of getting out of a jam.

Dominate the Dinking Battle

Dinking is more than just staying out of trouble. Learn to dominate the dinking battle, so you can set yourself up for the win.

High Ball & Retreat

Getting to the net is important. Knowing when to leave the net and back off is just as important. Mark works through the strategy behind both.

Tit for Tat Counter

When your opponents attack, be ready to counter-attack. Mark lays out his strategy for dealing with speed and putting your opponents on the hot seat.

Offensive Lobs & Smash

The perfect lob is a beautiful thing, but you have to think strategically to pull it off. Mark shows how to plan the lob and how to defend against it.

Court Coverage & Middle Thirds

Every good pickleball player knows that each player does not take up half the court. The goal is to cover your weaknesses and maximize your strengths.

When to Attack & Under Attack

It's always fun to score points. It always tough to lose them. In these videos, Mark goes over the strategies for attacking at the net and staving off danger when it comes looking for you.

Stack Switch

How do you maximize your potential? Stick to your favorites side. But there is more to it than simple stacking. You need some strategy to take full advantage.

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