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Vanguard Control Showdown: SLK Halo vs. Vanguard Control vs. Project 006

As a fervent Selkirk enthusiast, the recent release of the Vanguard Control pickleball paddle may have sparked your curiosity. With the SLK Halo and Project 006 already gracing the scene, it's only natural to wonder: what sets these paddles apart, and which one is the right fit for you?

SLK HALO: Versatility and Affordability

Let's start with the SLK Halo series, celebrated for its versatility and affordability. Boasting a raw carbon fiber face, this paddle delivers exceptional feel and spin capabilities. It comes in two distinct shapes: the elongated XL, perfect for those favoring a two-handed backhand, and the traditional Max shape, prioritizing sweet spot performance. Moreover, the Halo series offers two core thickness options: a 13mm core for power players seeking a firmer response, and a 16mm core for those valuing touch and control. With a variety of colors to choose from and a 1-year limited warranty, the SLK Halo series delivers both performance and value.

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VANGUARD CONTROL: Enhanced Spin and Durability

Enter the new Vanguard Control, the latest addition to Selkirk's esteemed line of control paddles. Building upon its strong legacy, the Vanguard Control elevates performance with increased spin potential, durability, and feel. Distinguished by its unique peel ply texture on the raw carbon fiber face, this paddle boasts visible striations that enhance grip and spin generation. Available in three shapes (Invikta, S2, and Epic) to accommodate diverse playing styles, the Vanguard Control exclusively offers a 16mm core thickness. Crafted in the USA and backed by Selkirk's limited lifetime warranty, this paddle guarantees superior spin and reliability for discerning players.

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PROJECT 006: Unrivaled Power and Stability

Finally, we have the Project 006, Selkirk's premium offering in raw carbon fiber paddles. What sets the 006 apart is its innovative construction method. Utilizing a 360 mold, this paddle boasts a solid unibody design, providing unmatched power and stability on the court. However, this robust construction makes it the heaviest and least maneuverable option among the three. Additionally, the 006 features flex foam injected into the perimeter, enhancing durability, stability, and enlarging the sweet spot for consistent performance. It's important to note that the 006 is exclusively available in an elongated tour shape, catering to players seeking maximum power and stability.

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Making Your Selection

To summarize, the SLK Halo Series, Vanguard Control, and Project 006 each offer unique features tailored to different playing styles and preferences. While the SLK Halo series provides versatility and affordability, the Vanguard Control prioritizes spin and durability with its textured face. On the other hand, the Project 006 stands out for its unrivaled power and stability, albeit at the cost of maneuverability. By considering these distinctions, you can confidently choose the paddle that best suits your game. Whether you're seeking versatility, control, or raw power, Selkirk has you covered.

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