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Selkirk Sport's NEW Pro S1 Pickleball Ball - A New Standard

Selkirk Sport: Revolutionizing Pickleball with the Pro S1 Ball

For almost ten years, Selkirk Sport has been at the forefront of pickleball paddle technology, continually pushing the boundaries with relentless innovation. Despite the numerous advancements in paddle technology, one crucial component has remained largely unchanged: the Pickleball ball. Recognizing the need for a revolution in this area, Selkirk Sport embarked on a mission to bring the same level of innovation to the Pickleball ball market.

The Pickleball community has long yearned for a ball that offers consistency in flight and unrivaled durability. Selkirk Sport identified this need and, after years of dedicated research and development, we are proud to introduce the Pro S1 Pickleball Ball. This game-changing creation is a testament to our commitment to progress and our tireless dedication to enhancing every pickleball player's experience.

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The Pro S1 Ball: Next-Generation Pickleball Ball Technology

The Pro S1 Ball features a patented 38 hole design that guarantees speed, consistent flight, bounce, and superior durability. The feel of the ball coming off the paddle is crucial to a player's game, and the Pro S1 Ball puts you in complete control. Developed using seamless rotomolding technology, the Pro S1 Ball is perfectly round and balanced, providing a faster, more precise game with extended play life.

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Game-Changing Aerodynamics

The Pro S1 Pickleball Ball embodies an advanced aerodynamic design with its patented 38-hole pattern, ensuring consistent ball flight with every shot. The seamless construction gives players the finesse they crave, delivering greater speed and optimal spin.

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Unrivaled Performance

Designed to deliver on Selkirk's mission of innovation and superior performance, the Pro S1 is here to help elevate your game and improve your on court experience. The Pro S1 Pickleball Ball by Selkirk is a new standard for consistency and durability. 

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