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LUXX Control Air Overview

Trends In The Industry

More people are coming into the sport, injecting it with their athleticism, skill, and talent. The game has gotten faster and for the past several years, the pickleball industry has focused on developing power paddles, leaving the control paddle sector underserved. The new Selkirk LUXX Control Air is a welcome addition to the market, designed for tacticians players who prioritize patience and precision.

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Born from Success

The LUXX Control Air builds on the success of Selkirk Labs Project 003, introducing transformative Florek Carbon Fiber technology to amplify power, expand the sweet spot, and enable optimal performance on the court. This new Florek Carbon Fiber composite, paired with Selkirk's Industry top 20mm Thikset Honeycomb core, proprietary 360° Proto Molding construction, gives you a plush yet responsive feel. Ideal for touch shots, drops, and resets.

The FlexFoam in the perimeter of the pickleball paddle helps absorb vibrations and provides stability. This unibody construction combined with the thikset core, Florek carbon fiber face, and ProSpin+ texture gives the LUXX Control Air the spin and feedback you've become familiar with from the 003, but the Control Air now boasts a bit of additional weight in strategic areas of the pickleball paddle to provide enough and ample power without sacrificing it's control.

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A Sleek and Modern Design

But it's not just about performance. The LUXX Control Air by Selkirk Sport is as stylish as it is functional. Its sleek and modern design is sure to turn heads on the court. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, you'll appreciate the paddle's aesthetics as much as its exceptional gameplay.

In conclusion, if you're on the hunt for the ultimate control paddle, look no further than the LUXX Control Air. It's a paddle designed with precision, engineered for performance, and crafted to cater to the needs of those who value control above all else. Elevate your Pickleball game with this innovative paddle and experience the difference it can make on the court.

If you're looking for the ultimate control paddle packaged in a sleek and modern design, look no further than the LUXX Control Air.

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