Explaining Selkirk's Pickleball Paddle Shapes

Selkirk Paddle Shapes Explained: Find the Perfect Paddle for Your Playing Style

Selkirk offers a variety of paddle shapes to suit every player's needs. We have primary shapes with the Epic, S2, and Invikta, which cater to the majority of players out there. We will also briefly touch upon the specialty shapes Selkirk offers to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs. 

Selkirk's main brand offers three types of paddles - AMP, Vanguard 2.0, and Power Air - in various shapes to cater to the different playing styles of our players. Let's dive into the two main categories of paddle shapes: Standard and Elongated.

Standard Family: S2 and Epic

The Standard paddle family currently has two members: the S2 and Epic. These paddles are typically defined by a length of less than 16 inches and a width of 8 inches. With a more square shape, they offer larger sweet spots and better speed/maneuverability during fast hand exchanges at the no-volley zone.


The S2 has a handle length of 4.5 inches, offering the largest sweet spot with more consistency. It's ideal for dedicated Pickleball players and table tennis players.


The Epic, with a handle length of 5.25 inches, is the best all-around paddle. It's perfect for first-time buyers and tennis players wanting to improve their soft game. If you favor a two-handed backhand, the Epic may be a better option when compared to the S2.

Elongated Family: Invikta, Mach 6, Maxima, and Omni

The Elongated paddle family currently has four members: the Invikta, Mach 6, Maxima, and Omni. These paddles are 16.5 inches long and 7.375 inches wide, trading speed and forgiveness for reach and power.


The Invikta has a handle length of 5.25 inches and a standard-shaped paddle face. It's best for transitioning tennis players and aggressive players who want extra reach, spin, and power. This versatile shape is popular among intermediate to advanced players.

Mach 6

The Mach 6, with a handle length of 5.875 inches, is a specialty shape with a slightly smaller hitting surface. It's ideal for more advanced aggressive players with two-handed backhands.


The Omni has a shorter handle at 4.25 inches and a larger hitting surface. It's great for players who like to choke up their grip on their paddle and rest their fingers on the face for more stability and control while maintaining optimum reach and leverage.


The Maxima, with a grip length of 5.625 inches, has the paddle face rounded off for more aerodynamics and faster movement. It's recommended for advanced players looking for maximum reach, leverage, and speed.

Final Thoughts

Selkirk offers a variety of paddle shapes to suit every player's needs. The primary shapes, Epic, S2, and Invikta, cater to 90-95% of players, while the specialty shapes, Mach 6, Omni, and Maxima, address the remaining 5-10%. Whatever your playing style, Selkirk has a paddle for you.

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