Explaining Selkirk Paddle Lines (AMPED, Vanguard, Power Air)

Selkirk Paddle Lines Explained: AMPED, Vanguard 2.0, and Power Air

Today, we will explore the three paddle lines that Selkirk offers: the AMPED, Vanguard 2.0, and Power Air series. Each line is designed to cater to different needs and skill levels of Pickleball players, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect paddle.

AMPED Series

The AMPED line is where it all began for Selkirk. This series was developed to offer both control and power at an affordable price, making it perfect for serious enthusiasts just starting out or those with multiple tournaments under their belts. The AMPED series introduced an innovative technology to the Pickleball industry, combining a FiberFlex fiberglass face with a polypropylene core to provide control without sacrificing power.

Vanguard 2.0 Series

Building on the success of the AMPED line, Selkirk introduced the Vanguard 2.0 series. This line showcases Selkirk's commitment to providing players with the ultimate paddle in terms of control, power, touch, and spin. The Vanguard 2.0 incorporates a unique proprietary bi-directional, cross-weave carbon fiber technology, specifically designed to deliver a larger sweet spot, consistent performance, maximum spin, and exceptional feel. With the Vanguard 2.0, players can expect a paddle that performs at the highest level, helping them elevate their game.

Power Air Series

Lastly, we have Selkirk's latest offering, the Power Air series. As the game of Pickleball evolves, so should your equipment. The Power Air series is the result of over two years of research and development, in partnership with top Pickleball pros. This line addresses the need for both power and spin, featuring an edgeless design that is sleek, modern, and timeless, while still providing the durability and quality you expect from Selkirk. As the Pickleball community increasingly focuses on power and spin, serious players will need to master these traits to compete at the highest levels. The VANGUARD Power Air technology was developed to champion these players, providing a paddle that enables full control of the court with performance power and maximum spin.


In summary, Selkirk offers the AMPED, Vanguard 2.0, and Power Air paddle lines to cater to the diverse needs of Pickleball players. Whether you are a newcomer to the sport, a seasoned veteran, or an elite competitor seeking maximum performance from your equipment, Selkirk has a paddle for you. Choose the right paddle line for your needs and elevate your Pickleball game to new heights.

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