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A Quick Guide to Paddle Weight: Lightweight vs Midweight

A Quick Guide to Paddle Weight: Lightweight vs Midweight

Selecting the ideal pickleball paddle is crucial in maximizing your performance, and a significant factor that influences your choice is the weight of the paddle. At Selkirk Sport, we understand that every player is unique, and we’re here to guide you towards the perfect paddle that complements your style and enhances your game.

Lightweight Paddles for Quicker Hand Speed and Responsiveness

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Are you looking for a paddle that allows you to react swiftly and deliver quick, precise shots? Our lightweight models are designed to give you that advantage. Perfect for fast-paced play, these paddles offer excellent control and speed at the net, enhancing the feedback for your soft touch and quick hands.

Midweight Paddles for More Power and Stability

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If power is something you are looking to add to your game, our midweight models are your best bet. The additional weight in these paddles generates more power, making them ideal for long shots from deep within the court and effective blocking. These pickleball paddles strike the perfect balance between power and control, ensuring your opponents stay on their back foot.

Singles vs. Doubles

Choosing between lightweight and midweight paddles also depends on whether you're playing singles or doubles. The fast-paced nature of doubles games typically requires quicker hand speed, making lightweight paddles a popular choice. However, singles games often require hard drives and passing shots, where midweight paddles' added power comes into play.

Comfort: The Ultimate Deciding Factor

When it comes to paddle weight, comfort is key. You should aim for the heaviest paddle you can handle without compromising your hand speed, performance, or comfort. If you're struggling with your current paddle's weight, consider switching to a different weight category.

New to Pickleball and unsure of your preference? If you've previously played tennis, table tennis, racquetball, or squash, your preferred racquet weight from these sports can guide your paddle choice. Consider choosing a midweight paddle if you have a tennis background as the heavier weight might feel more akin to a tennis racket, which are typically heavier than your average pickleball paddle. Players from table tennis, racquetball, and squash backgrounds might want to opt for lightweight pickleball paddles as they match their fast-paced playstyle and offer the desired maneuverability.

Understanding Paddle Weight Range

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Due to manufacturing processes, paddle weights can vary slightly. This variation, however, is minimal and unlikely to impact your game significantly. In fact, a difference of 0.1oz, equivalent to the weight of a penny, is hardly noticeable and won't affect your performance.

The Importance of Weight in Performance

While weight is important, it's not everything. Even pro players don't obsess over the exact weight of their paddles. Instead, they focus on improving their skills and performance. After all, minor weight differences have minimal impact on performance.

They are usually more concerned with the “swing weight” of a paddle, which has to deal more with the balance of a paddle and is essentially how the paddle "feels” during a player's swing, but that's another video for another time.

Guaranteed Weight Range for Advanced Players

For advanced players seeking a specific weight range, Selkirk Sport offers a guaranteed weight range within 0.2oz of your target weight. However, this option is not available for our SLK, Power Air, Control Air, or Selkirk Labs paddles due to the tighter constraints we have to follow to manufacture those paddles.

Remember, grip styles can also influence a paddle's weight. A double grip adds 0.5oz, while a thin grip reduces it by 0.2oz. When selecting your paddle, consider your grip preference and its impact on the paddle's weight.

At Selkirk Sport, we're committed to providing high-quality, innovative pickleball products designed to enhance your performance and love for the game. For more information on choosing the right pickleball paddle, consult our grip guide or reach out to our friendly team. We're here to help you make the best choice for your pickleball journey.

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