Selkirk Vanguard Geo Grip - Black
Introducing the Geo Grip, a cutting-edge pickleball paddle replacement grip designed specifically for the VANGUARD series. The Geo Grip delivers supreme comfort, enhanced wicking capability, improved traction, and premium style, making it the ultimate choice for players seeking a high-performance...
Selkirk 3 Pack Tacky Overgrips - Black
The Selkirk Tacky Overgrip offers superior grip and feel while also providing great moisture absorption and durability.
Selkirk Sport Comfort Grip
Introducing the Selkirk Comfort Grip, a premium pickleball paddle replacement grip designed to provide exceptional feel and comfort during every game. Preferred by the majority of players, the Comfort Grip offers superior cushioning and effective perspiration absorption, making it the...
Selkirk Cushion Contour Grip
The Contour Gipr has a unique design with ridges which allows you to feel where the grip is in your hand. The is useful for beginners developing intuitive paddle positioning. The Contour Grip is the standard grip for the Selkirk...
Selkirk Faux Leather Grip
Created for a confident hold, the cushioned SLK faux leather replacement grip is stable and ultra-comfortable with a classy look on the court
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