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Kim Jagd
Age 60
Height 5'10
Kim Jagd

Selkirk Team

Senior Pros Team

Dominant Hand

Right Handed

Current Residence

Manhattan Beach, CA


Player Bio

Kim Jagd grew up playing a variety of sports - first, starting and excelling in tennis, then going on to play basketball, volleyball, and softball. She earned an athletic scholarship to UCLA, where she helped the team win a Volleyball National Champion in 1984. After many years of coaching volleyball at the collegiate level, Kim retired and got into golf... then pickleball!

Since then, Kim has found a lot of success in pickleball. She learned alongside Morgan Evans and Marcin Rozpedski and partnered with them in a few tournaments before becoming a senior pro. One of her most notable tournament finishes was when she won silver in the US Open senior open mixed doubles!

Now, Kim serves as the Vice President of the Pickleball Hall of Fame and donates lots of consultation hours to many other Pickleball projects and people.  She is a current owner-partner of the NPL team, the Coachella Valley Scorpions, that begins competing in 2024.

Kim has two kids and two grandkids that she looks forward to introducing golf and pickleball to!

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